u of, in, for, on or at?

  • Photo: U of R Photography Dept.
  • Will check U in school later this month.
  • Now I file them under U for useless.
  • So I'd watching some play the Wii U on Twitch Tv.

ubiquitous in, on, across, throughout or for?

  • Drinking is ubiquitous in Dickens.
  • This painful scene is ubiquitous on the streets of Dhaka.
  • Anxiety disorders are ubiquitous across human cultures.
  • Life is ubiquitous throughout the universe.

"ugly in", "ugly for" or "ugly of"?

  • She won't be ugly in your eyes.
  • I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly of those.
  • Yes, it's ugly for a few minutes.
  • It does make it ugly on your behalf.

ultimate in, of, for, on or as?

  • That is the ultimate in watching.
  • It is the ultimate of ultimates.
  • This is the ultimate for any wig wearer.
  • Lulu follows up with her ultimate on Morgana, knocking up the enemies around her.

"unacceptable to", "unacceptable in" or "unacceptable for"?

  • This is unacceptable to the compiler.
  • It was just unacceptable for me.
  • It's unacceptable in the utmost.
  • This is unacceptable by any standards.

unaccounted for

  • The night is yet unaccounted for.

unaccustomed to or in?

  • Unaccustomed to anything over 4.
  • The effect, of both these organisational and sporting triumphs, was a national good mood so unaccustomed in many it prompted suspicion and unease.

unacquainted with

  • You remain unacquainted with this man.

unaffected by, in, for or with?

  • Unaffected by Process Variables 6.
  • Especially if he is unaffected in any way.
  • I hope they remain impartial since their departments will be unaffected for the moment.
  • Despite the hot climate, Sabah tourism remains unaffected with 5.

"unaffordable for" or "unaffordable to"?

  • Sadly it remains unaffordable for many.
  • What is affordable to some is unaffordable to others.
  • Housing remains unaffordable in Auckland.
  • As a Council we have been told by NZTA that a tunnel is unaffordable at the present time given budget pressures.

unanimous in, on, about, regarding or for?

  • It was unanimous in not running him.
  • They were all unanimous on this issue.
  • The Ummah is unanimous about following the four Imams.
  • The UN's not necessary unanimous regarding what action to take on any single issue, Syria being an example.

"unattractive to" or "unattractive for"?

  • Hyper-bragadoccio is SO unattractive to me.
  • You need to make your yard unattractive for the mynas.
  • Unattractive in a patristics scholar.
  • I am not unattractive by any means and at 52 years old now.

"unavailable for" or "unavailable to"?

  • The BBC was also unavailable for comment.
  • So become unavailable to the project.
  • Zinc is unavailable in high pH soils.
  • The name of the husband is unavailable at the moment.

unaware of or about?

  • Why? I am unaware of the reasons.
  • I was unaware about his intentions that are known to him.

"unbearable for", "unbearable in" or "unbearable to"?

  • It it utterly unbearable for everyone.
  • They are completely unbearable to me.
  • It's just unbearable in that house.
  • It was downright unbearable at times.

"unbeaten in" or "unbeaten on"?

  • And Liverpool is unbeaten in five.
  • Pujara remained unbeaten on 206.
  • Shakib Al Hasan was unbeaten at 1.
  • They were unbeaten for five years in the 1940s.

unbecoming of, to, for, in or as?

  • It is really unbecoming of you.
  • If he doesn't believe any of this he is mischievous in a way unbecoming to one his age.
  • It's unbecoming for a fan but inexcusible for a journalist.
  • This sort of naivet is rather unbecoming in a critic of Eliot's class.

uncalled for

  • Most of which was uncalled for.

"uncertain about" or "uncertain of"?

  • Wayne is uncertain about the future.
  • My husband was uncertain of this explanation.
  • The stranger was uncertain as to what to do.
  • Life was uncertain in these early settlements.

unchanged from, at, for, in or by?

  • Coverage remains unchanged from last year.
  • Electricity is unchanged at 10.
  • Pollens remain unchanged for thousands of years.
  • That method was unchanged in 2004.

unclear to, about, as, on or in?

  • Here the switch is unclear to me.
  • I am unclear about the 1st mort.
  • Unclear as to what is meant by this.
  • The Irish tax issue is one I am unclear on.

uncomfortable with, for, in, about or at?

  • It was uncomfortable with Iraq.
  • It was very uncomfortable for them.
  • It's uncomfortable in a good way.
  • I'd very uncomfortable about this.

"uncommon for" or "uncommon in"?

  • Stress is not uncommon for a cat.
  • This is uncommon in young children.
  • Celibacy is uncommon among the Fulani.
  • The death of children was not uncommon at the time.

"unconcerned about" or "unconcerned with"?

  • He said that he was unconcerned about doing so.
  • I am unconcerned with convincing you.
  • A free man, unconcerned by convention.
  • This is the untold story of competing imperialist war, unconcerned for humanity, during WWII.

"unconnected with" or "unconnected to"?

  • It is true that the land and all its inhabitants are dissolved - unsettled and unconnected by the bands of civil interest.
  • But I would not go and murder anyone, let alone people unconnected from it (other than being from the same country).
  • And so they go unconnected in the mind of the pol.
  • Mechanical, unconnected to emotions.

unconscious of, in, for, on or by?

  • Job was unconscious of wilful sin.
  • To be unconscious in the means.
  • He was unconscious for sometime.
  • Amin left him unconscious on the floor.

"unconvinced by" or "unconvinced of"?

  • I am unconvinced by unnamed sources.
  • I am unconvinced of the value of these.
  • I'd still unconvinced about WAR.
  • Still unconvinced in the Full back department though and I hope Skrtel returns to last seasons imperiousness.

undaunted by, in, about, after or as?

  • However, Dayamani seems undaunted by all this.
  • Ryan seems undaunted in his monetary views.
  • Undaunted after being rejected by every publisher, each maxed out her personal credit card to self-publish the book and manufacture the elf doll.
  • Their resiliency to overcome these difficulties is a symbol of the steadfastness of the Filipinos who have always remained undaunted despite these adversities that their way.

"undecided about" or "undecided on"?

  • She said she is undecided about Question 2.
  • I'd undecided on that one myself.
  • Still undecided as to get a 3DS or Vita.
  • It was still undecided in midsummer.

undefeated in, at, on, for or with?

  • Yes, we're not undefeated in the CL.
  • Brady undefeated at home against the Bills.
  • I'd hate to say that we went undefeated on the road.
  • They're undefeated for a reason.

underrepresented in, at, on, among or by?

  • Underrepresented in an organization.
  • Educating girls Girls are underrepresented at schools.
  • But they're under-represented on this site.
  • They are still vastly under-represented among CEOs.

understandable to, in, for, by or as?

  • ThatTs understandable to some extent.
  • It is understandable in some ways.
  • This was understandable for me.
  • It should be understandable by the reader.

"underwhelmed by" or "underwhelmed with"?

  • I am underwhelmed by all of this.
  • In fact, they are underwhelmed with information.
  • Terri Lynda LaCasse I am totally underwhelmed at this point.
  • But I was totally underwhelmed after seeing the band live a couple of years ago.

undeterred by, in, from, about or after?

  • He was undeterred by the intimidation.
  • He remains undeterred in his peace activism.
  • Monty remained undeterred from his vision and later became a champion Western horseman.
  • But cellphone companies are undeterred about the complaints and are working round the clock to innovate the service.

"undisturbed by" or "undisturbed for"?

  • She was undisturbed by their actions.
  • They had lain undisturbed for 82 years.
  • For the next six years, it sat undisturbed in this box.
  • I ndependent and undisturbed from the main house is the life in the guesthouse.

"uneasy about" or "uneasy with"?

  • Yet he was not uneasy about it.
  • I was getting very uneasy with that.
  • I am uneasy in rooms with small windows.
  • The animals felt a little uneasy at this.

"unemployed for" or "unemployed in"?

  • I was unemployed for two months.
  • I've been unemployed in England.
  • The man was unemployed at the time.
  • No one unemployed with a family, mortgage, etc.

"unfair to" or "unfair for"?

  • He must not be unfair to either.
  • Life is unfair for the rest of men.
  • I thought it was unfair on him.
  • It's very unfair in my opinion.

unfaithful to, in, with, at or by?

  • She wasn't unfaithful to me? Good.
  • Some are unfaithful in marriage.
  • Herod's sister accused Mariamne of being unfaithful with Herod's uncle.
  • My wife and I have been married for 25 years and throughout our marriage I have been unfaithful at various times.

"unfamiliar with" or "unfamiliar to"?

  • We are not unfamiliar with the issues.
  • Africais not a land unfamiliar to me.
  • It was loud and unfamiliar in sound.

"unfavourable to" or "unfavourable for"?

  • Back in Geneva, he put in a report unfavourable to SF.
  • This is held to be unfavourable for all good work.
  • Such preliminary conditions may seem unfavourable in a romantic aspect.
  • The favourable factors outweigh the unfavourable by a considerable margin.

unfazed by, about, at, with or as?

  • He was also unfazed by criticism.
  • Wereko-Brobby is unfazed about his imminent prosecution.
  • Condit seems unfazed at fighting in St-Pierre's backyard.
  • Not only was he unfazed with all the glaring lights and cameras, but with that small gesture I was suddenly speaking to a friend, not a future Olympic medallist.

unfit for, by, to, as or at?

  • Modi is unfit for the post of PM.
  • McCain was completely unfit by temperament, training, and ability to be POTUS.
  • In either case, it is unfit to exist.
  • Unless something has been revealed that proved Biden unfit as a candidate, I think it will only worsen his chances.

"unfortunate for" or "unfortunate in"?

  • It's really unfortunate for him.
  • This is unfortunate in many ways.
  • I was just unfortunate with injuries.
  • And here was his: Well that is unfortunate about your friend Elizabeth.

unfriendly to, towards, for, in or toward?

  • They are unfriendly to the accurate engrave.
  • He was sceptical, but not unfriendly towards it.
  • The locals were deeply unfriendly for an alleged tourist town.
  • In fact he might reveal himself to be quite unfriendly in the future.

"ungrateful to" or "ungrateful for"?

  • Mimiko as ungrateful to Tinubu the godfather.
  • Not that I'd ungrateful for employment.
  • That seems ungrateful of some good writing.
  • To not ask Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) for good things is to be ungrateful towards Him.

"unhappy with" or "unhappy about"?

  • I'd VERY UNHAPPY with this feature.
  • We are unhappy about the service.
  • I was not unhappy at that prospect.
  • Am I unhappy in my universe? No.

unhealthy for, in, to, about or by?

  • They are unhealthy for everyone.
  • So, it got a bit unhealthy in that respect.
  • Fat, useless and unhealthy to the body and mental health.
  • There is nothing unhealthy about not having social media accounts.

unheard of, by or in?

  • That's certainly not unheard of.
  • Dre, all unheard by the public.
  • It will probably go unheard in the corridors of power but I don't care.

"uniform in" or "uniform across"?

  • Very uniform in shape and size.
  • Poverty level is not uniform across India.
  • The spread of the heat will not be uniform with time.
  • Such jurisdiction shall be uniform throughout the state.

"unimpressed with" or "unimpressed by"?

  • I'd still unimpressed about the capabilities of the much vaunted 4X4 genre though.
  • I was also very unimpressed at having to spend 35 for an Ikea furniture delivery which had a 12hr delivery slot.
  • Yet I remain unimpressed by it.
  • Completely unimpressed with his play.

uninformed about, of, on, by or in?

  • I've always felt very uninformed about it, though.
  • A must read for those of us who still remain uninformed of the loss of.
  • Zakaria is completely uninformed on this issue.
  • His work life, however, remained uninformed by the new information.

uninterested in, about, by or with?

  • Nobody gets uninterested in this show.
  • Should anybody be uninterested about his future? Will that be a positive value or quality to be celebrated? That I am not interested in my future.
  • He was bemused but uninterested by the mistake.
  • If so uninterested with things out of this planet, the thing may seem novel to you.

"unique to" or "unique in"?

  • This trend is not unique to the U.
  • They will be unique in the world.
  • Nothing unique about it at all.
  • They are unique among themselves.

united in, at, for, on or with?

  • They join Manchester United in the last 16.
  • No excuses for United at Wigan.
  • He's at United for the long-haul.
  • Big win for United on the cards.

universal in, to, for, among or of?

  • Learning is universal in nature.
  • They are universal to marketing.
  • And that's what's universal for me.
  • It is near universal among all animals.

"unjust to" or "unjust in"?

  • Do not be unjust to one another.
  • He had been cruel and unjust in the afternoon.
  • Therefore, the law is unjust for the masses.
  • Something unjust about that, but it is what it is.

unkind to, about, of, in or on?

  • The voters are not all unkind to him.
  • I am sorry I have been so unkind about Chelsea.
  • It was unkind of you towards me.
  • You are unkind in your comment.

unknown to, in, for, at or outside?

  • Unknown to him, she got pregnant.
  • They were unknown in the Lodge.
  • It's also not unknown for the Prof.
  • Top speed unknown at this time.

"unlawful for", "unlawful under" or "unlawful in"?

  • You are unlawful for me to approach.
  • Despondency is held unlawful in Islam.
  • Unfortunately, to do so is unlawful under s.
  • What is unlawful by of consanguinity is fosterage.

unlike in, with, at, on or for?

  • Unlike in the surrounding Arab states.
  • Unlike with microprocessors, the U.
  • Unlike at many hospitals in East Africa, Mr.
  • Unlike on the women's side, the No.

unlikely to, in, for, of or at?

  • That seems highly unlikely to me.
  • But unlikely in the near future.
  • A big jump is unlikely for 2012.
  • The most unlikely of connections is made.

"unlucky in", "unlucky for" or "unlucky with"?

  • Irene has been unlucky in love.
  • We just got unlucky with the draw.
  • I never said 13 was unlucky for Jews.
  • We were unlucky at times in the penalty.

"unmatched in" or "unmatched by"?

  • The work credentials and educational background of Gerberg is quite unmatched among his peers.
  • Our sporting facilities are unmatched at university level in Ireland.
  • His consistency was unmatched by anyone.
  • The comfort is unmatched for a bike.

unmindful of, about, in or to?

  • And God is not unmindful of what ye do.
  • People are unmindful about it, yet the deeds of man are to be presented to Almighty Allah in it.
  • Our world labors in war and stress, unmindful in both person and society.
  • Therefore, it is in the well being of everyone to remain alert about its arrival and not spend his life remaining unmindful to it.

unmoved by, in, at, on or as?

  • But to be so unmoved by it all.
  • He remains unmoved in the face of adversities.
  • He didn't see the women as evil temptresses or as objects of desire, but remained unmoved at his core.
  • It's the fiddling that leaves me unmoved on too many tracks.

"unnecessary for" or "unnecessary in"?

  • It was unnecessary for her to know.
  • There is nothing unnecessary in it.
  • It did seem a bit archaic and unnecessary to me.
  • Words were unnecessary as the two young men stared in dawning horror at the future.

"unnoticed by" or "unnoticed in"?

  • It didn't slip by unnoticed by me.
  • This has not gone unnoticed in Germany.
  • Bats in houses can go unnoticed for years.
  • It did not go unnoticed at the Kremlin.

unpaid for, on, after, in or by?

  • These tax cuts were also unpaid for.
  • Their liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on shares held by them.
  • Items of bank credits representing checks, drafts or notes returned unpaid after the date of statement.
  • I would have gladly worked an unpaid internship during college.

unparalleled in, by, to, for or among?

  • It's unparalleled in modern times.
  • But at 30, his music was unparalleled by anyone.
  • That journey was unparalleled to any other flying experience I've had.
  • Economically their prosperity was unparalleled for centuries.

unperturbed by, about, with, in or as?

  • But the CEO is unperturbed by the move.
  • Karbo said he was unperturbed about the development.
  • More panicked emus emerge from the dense dune scrub, while an echidna snuffles unperturbed in the sandy dirt.
  • Yet the Blaugrana were unperturbed at the other end of the pitch and they secured an equaliser when Pedro's cross looped into the air following a pair of deflections.

"unpleasant for" or "unpleasant to"?

  • Somehow and unpleasant for Gov.
  • Chomsky has done nothing unpleasant to me.
  • He was unpleasant in a way you could not report.
  • She was really unpleasant about it.

"unpopular with" or "unpopular in"?

  • He's unpopular with the peasants.
  • The UK is very unpopular in Eurovision.
  • This has made the Ambassador unpopular among these personnel.
  • The jews were highly unpopular at the time.

unprecedented in, for, at, with or since?

  • Unprecedented in Australian history.
  • It would be unprecedented for him to step aside.
  • The screen resolution is an unprecedented at 2,048x1,536 pixels.
  • Solar flares are unprecedented with M and X class flares to the extent that NASA changed the scale.

unprepared for, by, in, at or on?

  • I was also unprepared for the size.
  • The Spanish Jaleo was usually danced unprepared by a supple, to a guitar.
  • Awan came unprepared in the meeting and took the PAC proceedings lightly.
  • Akufo-Addo who came to the debate much unprepared at one point in time even forgot that he is yet to be president of the nation.

"unrealistic for" or "unrealistic in"?

  • Let yourself be unrealistic for a while.
  • It's unrealistic in the extreme.
  • That series just felt so unrealistic to me.

"unreasonable for" or "unreasonable in"?

  • Is it unreasonable for God to ask for a.
  • Not unreasonable in my opinion.
  • Doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
  • This is very unreasonable of him.

unrelated to, in or with?

  • Comments unrelated to the story.
  • Therefore, what we know as contrary, or unrelated in Him, are but one unified Substance.
  • Some lustrations were not so necessary and unrelated with the text (p-64, thermometer).

unresponsive to, in, at, for or on?

  • Unresponsive to comments of users.
  • They were unresponsive in class &; did no work.
  • I found the desktop slow, and a but unresponsive at times.
  • Kit remained unresponsive for a week.

unsafe for, in, at, by or on?

  • I consider them unsafe for winter.
  • Guns are unsafe in anyones hand.
  • I have never felt unsafe at TAM.
  • You can't tell if food is unsafe by its smell or taste.

unsatisfied with, by, in, for or about?

  • I am unsatisfied with his response.
  • Felt a bit unsatisfied by the ending though I have to say.
  • A rich young man faithful to the ' laws ' still finds himself unsatisfied in life.
  • If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply email me and you will be given a refund.

"unseen by" or "unseen in"?

  • But He is unseen by His very existence.
  • I alone love the unseen in you.
  • Much unseen to the public eye here.
  • Nevertheless, nothing is unseen for Him.

unsuccessful in, at, with, on or for?

  • I was unsuccessful in the attempt.
  • If you are unsuccessful at one.
  • Lomax again unsuccessful with the conversion however.
  • He was unsuccessful on both counts.

unsuitable for, to, as, in or because?

  • High impact is unsuitable for some people.
  • He found me unsuitable to his purpose.
  • In other words, because she is deaf, she is unsuitable as an MP.
  • Oral antifungal agents may be unsuitable in pregnancy.

"unsuited to" or "unsuited for"?

  • It is wholly unsuited to any other kind.
  • Otis was clearly unsuited for his job.
  • Its size and location, however, made it unsuited as the capital of an ambitious Parish.
  • In need of the run and unsuited by the slow pace, he still dug deep to repel his stable-mate and those battling qualities will stand him in good stead in a fast-run race in March.

unsupported by, in, at, for or as?

  • The claim is unsupported by evidence.
  • Which is speculative and unsupported in the paper.
  • Note that VGA is unsupported at this time.
  • And depression is largely unsupported for those parents.

"unsure of" or "unsure about"?

  • Unsure of the validity of this.
  • However I am so unsure about it.
  • We are a shade unsure as to what Mr.
  • Edit: unsure on times, will re-check things.

"unsustainable in" or "unsustainable for"?

  • It is unsustainable in the long run.
  • This is simply unsustainable for China and the world.
  • The situation defined as such is unsustainable by itself.
  • This situation, however, is unsustainable over time.

unsympathetic to, towards, about, in or as?

  • So I am not unsympathetic to the man.
  • I have not seen a post that is unsympathetic towards her.
  • I'd unsympathetic about podcasts.
  • So I am not unsympathetic in that respect.

untainted by, with, in, amidst or despite?

  • It was untainted by human manipulation.
  • Being untainted with corruption does nt mean your an effective manager.
  • His greatness and musical skills remain untainted in anyway.
  • He was exceedingly conscious of the nature of the legacy that was handed over to us by our leader and which we should all strive to hand down untainted to another generation.

"unthinkable for" or "unthinkable in"?

  • Let's think the unthinkable for a moment.
  • Something unthinkable in Miami.
  • These would be unthinkable to a.
  • Our life is unthinkable without it.

untouched by, for, in, on or since?

  • No one remains untouched by it.
  • Everything's so new, so untouched for you.
  • We are not untouched in this life.
  • However, much of the land is being left untouched on the resort's property.

untroubled by, in, on, at or about?

  • His own children are untroubled by sentiment.
  • They were untroubled in reaching tea at 462-3, with Chanderpaul already on a half century.
  • After 15 overs, they were still untroubled on 84 for no loss.
  • As the half wore on Newcastle began to look more settled than they had been to start with, but we were untroubled at the back.

unturned in, for, on, with or by?

  • Leaves no leaf unturned in pursuit of quarry.
  • Anurag Kashyap has left no stone unturned for this epic tale of vengeance.
  • Buildings are mostly in 3D and no stone is left unturned on the world map.
  • You ladies have left no stone unturned with feedback and any question that we needed.

"unused to" or "unused for"?

  • Not that I am unused to attention.
  • It seems to have been standing unused for about 18 months.
  • I have lot of pens lying unused in my pen box.
  • It became a feature unused by many.

"unusual for" or "unusual in"?

  • It is unusual for a few reasons.
  • Which is unusual in the region.
  • There's nothing unusual about it.
  • I'd not unusual among cyclists.

unworthy of, for or in?

  • Don't feel unworthy of this vision.
  • He felt unworthy for the call of God.
  • Excommunication is their way of keeping the unworthy in line.

"up-to-date with" or "up-to-date on"?

  • Keep up-to-date with the happenings in your.
  • Keep up-to-date on relevant information.
  • The doctor may not be up-to-date in symptom control.
  • The notice must also be legible and up-to-date for consumers.

upbeat about, on, in, for or after?

  • I'd feeling upbeat about Arsenal.
  • This song is upbeat in quite a cheesy way.
  • Unusually upbeat for cynical old me.
  • Brisbane manager Kevin Jordan was upbeat after the match.

updated with, on, for, to or of?

  • And you also can updated with me on Twitter.
  • It gets updated on a daily basis.
  • I was kept updated for the rest of the night.
  • New kernel Raspbmc gets updated to the 3.

uppermost in, on, of, at or with?

  • Two questions are uppermost in his mind.
  • But that's not what's uppermost on their mind right now.
  • Doctors and nurses must have in the uppermost of their minds that this is really uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Oddly enough, the thought uppermost with me was that I must shut off that tap before escaping.

"uprooted from" or "uprooted by"?

  • Uprooted from the face of the earth.
  • E Palestinians uprooted by force of arms.
  • Masses of people were uprooted in the Enclosure Movement.
  • The underlying tendency of pride and conceit is only uprooted for the Arahant.

"upset about" or "upset with"?

  • The tribes were upset about the U.
  • I was upset with the kids, etc.
  • They get all upset at the above.
  • He did not seem too upset by this.

"usable for", "usable in" or "usable by"?

  • The classroom will not be usable for some time.
  • Make a marking scheme usable by non-experts.
  • It is very usable in both cases.
  • This driver is only usable on the Linux base platform.

used to, for, by, in or of?

  • We're getting used to the idea.
  • Was used for Women's Head 2011.
  • C4 is not only used by the army.
  • Since we are so used of texting.

"useful for", "useful to" or "useful in"?

  • Useful for those at-work times.
  • Useful in leadership positions.
  • The film proved useful to the U.
  • He is useful as a concrete parachute.

"useless for", "useless to" or "useless in"?

  • Maybe my blog is useless for now.
  • Averages are useless in the UK.
  • This game is now useless to me.
  • I'd utterly useless at exercising.

"usual for" or "usual in"?

  • But it? s not usual for us to hug.
  • That is very usual in Malaysia.
  • Stage 29 Do the usual with hidden walls.
  • I got more hits than usual on my site because of it.