sacred to, in, by, of or for?

  • Myths are sacred to the people.
  • NOTHING is sacred in FIFA my youth.
  • The Miracles are too sacred by the Spirit.
  • Bell is the most sacred of all cows.

"sad for" or "sad about"?

  • It makes me sad for the future.
  • I find I am quite sad about it.
  • Very good (and sad at the end).
  • It's sad in a way, bitter sweet.

"safe for", "safe from" or "safe in"?

  • It was safe for a while longer.
  • He may never be safe in the US.
  • Safe from vandalism, apparently.
  • No crew is safe with him on deck.

sanguine about, in, of, on or for?

  • Coe is fairly sanguine about it.
  • We can't be sanguine in the face of that.
  • The more sanguine of City fans welcome the draw and the inevitable challenge ahead with open arms.
  • So, I'd not buying that EVERYBODY in the Romney campaign was so sanguine on Election day.

"satisfactory to" or "satisfactory for"?

  • That is satisfactory to England.
  • This is satisfactory for Hartford.
  • This is more satisfactory in many ways.
  • It works well but still isn't satisfactory with something over it.

satisfied with, of, by, in or on?

  • I'd satisfied with the results.
  • Oh, I'd not satisfied of anything.
  • I do nt feel satisfied by my work.
  • Yes, I will be satisfied in Him first.

"satisfying for" or "satisfying to"?

  • They weren't satisfying for me.
  • That's not very satisfying to me.
  • But, nothing jubilant or satisfying about it.
  • To me that's equally satisfying in a different way.

scarce in, for, at, on or of?

  • Details were scarce in the Sept.
  • Money are scarce for your average Malaysians.
  • Oxygen is scarce at these heights.
  • Water will be scarce on the next section.

scared of, to, about, for or by?

  • But I'd not scared of them now.
  • But I'd scared to death of LSU.
  • I feel very scared about it all.
  • I am very scared for all of us.

"scary for" or "scary to"?

  • That is scary for many reasons.
  • Which seems pretty scary to me.
  • Which is scary in and of itself.
  • Fun and scary at the same time.

"scathing about", "scathing in" or "scathing of"?

  • People were scathing about the UPDF.
  • He is scathing of that approach.
  • Scalia was particularly scathing on this issue.
  • The latter part of the book is particularly scathing towards Mr.

"sceptical about" or "sceptical of"?

  • I am sceptical about the claim too.
  • Politically I am sceptical as to the virtue of their beingold.
  • Many of us were deeply sceptical at the time.
  • Its time you stop being sceptical in everything esp.

searchable by, on, in, via or through?

  • Many records are searchable by place.
  • Your photos will still be searchable on Flickr.
  • The latter is searchable in the PDB Accession field.
  • These are searchable via databases.

seasoned with, in, by, of or to?

  • This is seasoned with salt and pepper.
  • It's seasoned in sadness of Abbott.
  • Kinilaw: Raw seafood, seasoned by having either white vinegar or calamansi juice.
  • Within the camps live some of the fiercest and most seasoned of Palestinian fighters.

secondary to, in or for?

  • But it's secondary to the freedom.
  • All these are secondary in any case.
  • Winning the World Cup was secondary for us.

secret for, from, about, with or in?

  • Let it be a secret for a while.
  • It was kept completely secret from parents and students.
  • There is nothing secret about it.
  • I am going to share a secret with you.

secretive about, in, with, by or for?

  • There was nothing secretive about.
  • There is nothing secretive in it.
  • People are secretive with ideas.
  • They are also very secretive by nature.

secular in, as, to, with or of?

  • I am liberal minded and secular in belief.
  • Sri Lanka will never become secular as the buddhists will not consent.
  • Here, accordingly, we ascend from the secular to the eternal.
  • The West became secular with the advent of the French Revolution.

secure in, with, from, for or about?

  • China is secure in this region.
  • We both feel secure with each other.
  • Iran is secure from conceivable invasion.
  • Its secure for both employer as well as employee.

selected for, by, from, in or of?

  • Thirty selected for Home Grant.
  • Speculations continue as to whether he was pre selected by the americans.
  • It is used to determine whether content items are to selected from a group or from a list.
  • Because every players must have some pressure to selected in NSW.

"selective in" or "selective about"?

  • Ric is very selective in his outrage.
  • So I'd very selective about what I buy.
  • Be selective with outsider developers.
  • I'd selective of the war movies.

self-conscious about, of, in, on or with?

  • We become self-conscious about it.
  • They seem to be very, very self-conscious of it.
  • I always felt more self-conscious in pants.
  • He felt self-conscious on the crowded train.

self-sufficient in, for, with, by or through?

  • The country is self-sufficient in rice.
  • He was self-sufficient for wheat.
  • We can be self-sufficient with our Natural Capital.
  • Aristotle asserts that a city state must be self-sufficient by definition.

"selfish in", "selfish for" or "selfish of"?

  • He/ She is just selfish in bed.
  • It would be very selfish of me.
  • I think I need to be this selfish for now.
  • You are even selfish with your time.

"senior in", "senior to" or "senior at"?

  • You're a senior in high school.
  • Kripa Sreepada, a senior at St.
  • They are all very senior to me.
  • And who asked the senior? A senior of his, clearly.

sensible of, for, to, about or in?

  • Be deeply sensible of original corruption.
  • Now let's be sensible for a moment.
  • That seems very sensible to me.
  • Just will be sensible about it.

sensitive to, about, in, for or at?

  • I'd also sensitive to their flaws.
  • They are very sensitive about this.
  • Men are sensitive in strange ways.
  • It's still a bit sensitive for me.

sentimental about, to, in, over or for?

  • Don't get too sentimental about it.
  • While extremely sentimental to me it doesn't make me Jewish.
  • Stop being sentimental in judgement.
  • My dear sir, there is no point being sentimental over these things.

separate from, to, in, for or at?

  • Its separate from the executive.
  • It does not exist separate to wealth.
  • The two groups are kept separate in prison.
  • Keep log-ins separate for different accounts.

serious about, in, with, for or of?

  • I was serious about the matter.
  • We must be serious in this country.
  • I'd serious with the sunscreen.
  • It's not serious for elsewhere.

severe in, for, of, to or on?

  • It can be more severe in others.
  • The reactions are equally severe for mankind.
  • They deserve the severest of punishment.
  • In the order of severest to least.

sexy in, for, to, about or with?

  • I'd sure I looked sexy in them.
  • You are not buying sexy for money.
  • Then you will seem very sexy to her.
  • There's nothing sexy about that.

shameful for, about, in, of or to?

  • It is shameful for the Philippines.
  • There is nothing shameful about it.
  • Absolutely nothing shameful in that.
  • Why? Cox you feel shameful of it, maybe.

sharp in, with, on, for or as?

  • He looked sharp in training today.
  • Jesus has to be very sharp with him.
  • I am very sharp on all the details.
  • He was just too sharp for me tonight.

"shocked at" or "shocked by"?

  • You may be shocked at the total.
  • I assume you're shocked by that.
  • I'd very shocked about the last episode.
  • I am shocked with tearful eyes.

"shocking to" or "shocking for"?

  • This is kind of shocking to me.
  • The news was too shocking for us.
  • Kind of shocking in its ordinariness.
  • What's shocking about a Korean 3.

short of, for, on, in or by?

  • Quad City fell short of the 22.
  • I know it's a bit short for $7.
  • Here is a short on his Bio! www.
  • They fall short in the process.

"shy of" or "shy about"?

  • He'll also be a week shy of 64.
  • Davis was never shy about that.
  • Maybe shy away from the $250 0.
  • I was so shy in front of people.

sick of, to, with, in or for?

  • Im sick of this retarded trend.
  • It makes me sick to my stomach.
  • Dizzy, almost sick with relief.
  • I am sick in the head, I swear.

"significant in" or "significant for"?

  • Significant in his own way, certainly.
  • That's significant for the Texans.
  • Line 578, change significant to large.
  • This is significant of the truth that.

"silent on" or "silent about"?

  • Kenneth is silent on the affair.
  • Because we are silent about it.
  • He remained silent for a while.
  • He was silent in respect of Azaan.

silly to, of, for, in or with?

  • That sounds utterly silly to me.
  • How silly of me not to realise.
  • I feel a little silly for sharing.
  • Because I am silly in some ways.

similar to, in, for or with?

  • Faith is very similar to a seed.
  • Results were similar in the US.
  • Similar for Holland of the 70s.
  • Similar with gold and the like.

simple for, as, of, in or to?

  • We make it that simple for you.
  • Just more style simple as that.
  • Benzema has the simple of finishes.
  • Which is dead simple in the US.

"sincere in" or "sincere about"?

  • I am sincere in correspondence.
  • I think he was sincere about that.
  • They not sincere to the country.
  • He is not at all sincere with you.

single for, in, with, to or from?

  • I've been single for two years.
  • I am single in my late thirties.
  • She's single with 6 previous kids.
  • Another single to point for Pujara.

sinhalese in, from, for, of or with?

  • We can't live with Sinhalese in harmony.
  • His friends had always been Sinhalese from his school days at St.
  • They have to kill all Sinhalese for that.
  • Or denying the Sinhalese of their claim to the South.

"skeptical of" or "skeptical about"?

  • I'd a bit skeptical about the idea.
  • But it does make me skeptical as to his accuracy.
  • You might be skeptical at how easy it looks.
  • I was pretty skeptical in the beginning.

"skilled in" or "skilled at"?

  • You also need to be skilled as an artist.
  • I'd only a little skilled at it.
  • She was strong and skilled for a female.
  • He was skilled in every science.

slight of, on, to, in or against?

  • More slight of hand by the GOP.
  • That's no slight on Brad Jones.
  • It's not a slight to the Bears.
  • Jacob Butler was, like his father, slight in build.

"slim to", "slim in" or "slim of"?

  • My best guess would be slim to none.
  • Slim of build, he is now gaunt.
  • Field Marshal Slim in praising No.
  • This unit is still slim with 8.

"slow in", "slow on" or "slow for"?

  • Job creation is slow in the US.
  • Stuttery and slow for everyone.
  • So they are slow on the uptake.
  • I'd clumsy and slow at texting.

small in, for, of, to or with?

  • Size is always small in the dry.
  • Too small for the traffic it has.
  • Tearing in the small of the back.
  • A child grows from small to tall.

smart about, in, for, with or of?

  • Be smart about money questions.
  • That's pretty smart in my book.
  • They are too smart for Gillard.
  • Be smart with your smart phone.

smooth with, for, in, on or to?

  • Well it's all smooth with no layers.
  • A bit too smooth for my liking.
  • It appeared smooth in 5 cases (72%).
  • Blend until smooth on high speed.

"smug about" or "smug in"?

  • Be as smug about it as you want.
  • He wasn't being smug in the least.
  • The Greens look all smug with their new pastures.
  • Yep, I did feel a little smug at this point.

soaked in, with, to, for or by?

  • Soaked in the sugary syrup mah.
  • I got soaked with perspiration.
  • Soaked to the bone in minutes if you had to be outside in it.
  • We were on location, soaked for 2 days straight.

"sober for" or "sober in"?

  • I've been sober for six months.
  • I shall be sober in the morning.
  • She was sober at that point in time.
  • Mell claims that she was sober on this night.

"social in", "social as" or "social with"?

  • Values are social in character.
  • Amazon goes social with brand pages.
  • The meltdown is social as well as glacial.
  • Well, I didn't add Sim Social to the list.

"soft on" or "soft in"?

  • Froemke doesn't go soft on anyone.
  • Like he's gone soft in the head.
  • And probably soft to the touch.
  • It's so soft for use with poi, and.

solid in, at, for, with or on?

  • It is truly solid in that form.
  • We have to be solid at the back.
  • Something far more solid for work.
  • The highway was solid with them.

soluble in, by, to, at or for?

  • Thorium is not soluble in water.
  • It was unclear to him how Galois ' results classified which equations were soluble by radicals.
  • Magnesium carbonate (the most soluble one I have data for) is soluble to the extent of about 0.
  • People use hot water to dissolve the Horlicks powder first because the powder is more soluble at a higher temperature.

sometime in, between, before, after or during?

  • Got mine day 1 sometime in July 2010.
  • Saint Jim will ' manifest ' sometime between 9.
  • John came to America sometime before 1854.
  • Labour says 67 sometime after 2021.

sophisticated in, for, with, of or about?

  • Looks quite sophisticated in my eyes.
  • He's too sophisticated for that.
  • Here we replace sophisticated with correctly.
  • The most sophisticated of those protect our nation's secrets.

"sore from" or "sore for"?

  • My sides are so sore from laughing.
  • My eyes would be sore for a day.
  • Feeling sore in my heart and body.
  • I am still sore after Scotland.

sorry for, about, to or in?

  • I feel very very sorry for him.
  • Aw, sorry about the poison ivy.
  • I am really sorry to hear this.
  • Sorry in advance for all the wordage.

sought after, of or for?

  • Very sought after now so they are.
  • It will create some sought of bad impression.
  • However, those are the most sought for recipes in Thai cooking.

spacious with, for, in, by or on?

  • Very spacious with good amenities.
  • The room is pretty spacious for the price.
  • The eternity pool is spacious in a beautifully landscaped setting.
  • They were much smaller than A &; B blocks but pretty spacious by HK, non-government, standards.

"spanish in" or "spanish for"?

  • She took up Spanish in 1st year.
  • The Spanish for stamp is sello.
  • Novak for Spanish at HACC last year.
  • Spanish as a first language here.

special about, to, for, in or on?

  • What is so special about the D.
  • Hinojos, Special to The Monitor.
  • We are no less special for this.
  • We are all SPECIAL in His eyes.

specific to, about, in, for or on?

  • It's not specific to JavaScript.
  • Osho was very specific about this.
  • Pls be specific in your answers.
  • Let's get specific for a moment.

spectacular in, with, of, for or on?

  • He was spectacular in our game.
  • This race was nothing short of spectacular with its.
  • The most spectacular of these have been in minerals.
  • Well, spectacular for Red Dwarf.

spiritual in, as, about, to or rather?

  • True freedom is spiritual in nature.
  • It's a spiritual as well as a musical experience.
  • There's nothing spiritual about it.
  • It's spiritual to me because I like an open mind about the universe.

"stable in", "stable at" or "stable for"?

  • The BIBAC clones were stable in E.
  • PC hw has been very stable for me.
  • Core inflation was stable at 1.
  • The ratio is also relatively stable over time.

standard for, in, with, on or across?

  • Prices are standard for Morocco.
  • It is standard in the Western elites.
  • Base MKT's come standard with a 3.
  • That's standard on election nights.

"starving to", "starving in" or "starving for"?

  • They are not starving to death.
  • I'd starving for a bit of meat.
  • No to people starving in Greece.
  • Most of our universities are starving of fund.

steadfast in, on, to, with or for?

  • Resist him steadfast in the faith.
  • He's great and steadfast on issues.
  • But I remained steadfast to my policy.
  • They were steadfast with the Prophet (S.

"steady at" or "steady in"?

  • Spot gold was steady at $1,708.
  • Keep steady in your duties as muslimah.
  • Keep it there steady for some time.
  • He's very steady on the rudder.

"steep for" or "steep in"?

  • These were pretty steep for me.
  • Jersey City is also steep in history.
  • It's priced rather steep at $64.
  • First up we? ll start with Brent Steep with a 22.

"still for" or "still in"?

  • She remained still for a moment.
  • One can not stand still in Dhamma.
  • No standing still on the skating floor.
  • They can't stand still with it.

stingy with, in, about, on or to?

  • Don't be stingy with the butter.
  • They are stingy in love for their Prophet.
  • God is not stingy about love; the more the merrier.
  • The Pink station was a little stingy on the color.

straight from, in, out, of or at?

  • Then I'll buy the iPad 3 straight from Apple.
  • The Broncos haven't even won three straight in Denver.
  • Core 150 straight out of the box.
  • It wasn't 4 years straight of this.

"straightforward for", "straightforward with" or "straightforward in"?

  • It seems straightforward for Vettel.
  • Search is straightforward in a BST.
  • It is straightforward with Andy too.
  • Let's be straightforward about this.

"stranded in" or "stranded on"?

  • In any case, I got stranded in Ikea.
  • Got ta keep from gettin ' stranded on the flats.
  • Pi and Richard Parker at stranded at sea for almost 8 months.
  • Meanwhile the Juke was left stranded with St.

"strange to" or "strange for"?

  • This sounds strange to my ears.
  • It has been very strange for me.
  • I always feel strange in there.
  • The only thing strange about Mr.

"strategic in" or "strategic about"?

  • Be strategic in your job search.
  • China is strategic about how it invests.
  • Oil export: Oil is strategic to the US economy.
  • Pakistan is extremely strategic for the US.

stressful for, to, at, on or in?

  • It was stressful for his family.
  • That would be very stressful to me.
  • It is a bit stressful at times.
  • This is stressful on both of us.

"stricken with" or "stricken by"?

  • She was stricken with an acute pain.
  • The baby was stricken by diarrhoea.
  • Stricken from every pylon and obelisk.
  • A long term flood stricken in 1998.

strict with, about, in, on or of?

  • I was pretty strict with myself.
  • We're not that strict about it.
  • For Allah is strict in punishment.
  • I am very strict on that point.

"stripped of" or "stripped down"?

  • Quite stripped of a certain warmth.
  • Maybe they will may get a stripped down Sense 3.
  • The Voice star told Billboard magazine: ' During the promotion of Stripped in 2002 I got tired of being a skinny, white girl.
  • A stripped off version of a 2 column template, with the basic page elements highlighted, is shown below.

strong in, for, with, on or of?

  • Be strong in the name of Allah.
  • Far too strong for a dying man.
  • Nut-jobbery is strong with them.
  • Jesus was much stronger on this.

stuck in, on, with, into or at?

  • Then it gets stuck in the mind.
  • But let's not get stuck on that.
  • Or you might get stuck with them.
  • Can't wait to get stuck into it.

"stunning in", "stunning on" or "stunning with"?

  • You look stunning in everything.
  • Each garden is stunning with its own specific charm.
  • I think they'd look stunning on me.
  • This one just happens to be stunning at the same time.

stupid for, in, of, to or like?

  • Make them feel stupid for trying.
  • So are the stupid in the world.
  • Stupid of liar, take your pick.
  • It's stupid to suggest that he is.

submissive to, in, as, for or by?

  • He is always submissive to the will of God.
  • Somehow it works for the person who's submissive in the way of wisdom.
  • All the years I was quite and submissive as a believer to my husband and his ministry.
  • White girls are really submissive for real.

subordinate to, of, in, at or for?

  • It is subordinate to the Bible.
  • Potocki (a former subordinate of William K.
  • Beatings went with being subordinate in those days.
  • Raymond's former subordinate at the FSIS, Dr.

subservient to or in?

  • That is to be subservient to PR.
  • Women are often portrayed as subservient in TV soaps and films.

substantial in, for, to, on or with?

  • That support was substantial in the US.
  • That's pretty substantial for yeah.
  • Standing adding anything substantial to the picture.
  • That delay is substantial on a balance sheet.

subtle in, about, for, of or with?

  • There is nothing subtle in him.
  • Nothing subtle about me crying.
  • Maybe it was just too subtle for you.
  • Glow This is the subtlest of all.

successful in, at, with, for or on?

  • Be Successful in the Classroom.
  • And was incredibly successful with it.
  • Three things were successful for me.

sufficient for, in, to, as or on?

  • The Bible is sufficient for the.
  • They are self sufficient in food.
  • A word is sufficient to the wise.
  • Allah is sufficient as Trustee.

suggestive of, for, in, about or rather?

  • And that's suggestive of, well, clubbing.
  • The distorted left wing finger is suggestive for this.
  • She's not dressed immodestly or suggestive in any way.
  • The evidence is also pretty suggestive about who is winning this war.

suitable for, to, as or in?

  • Suitable for ages 12 and older.
  • The series is more suitable to the U.
  • It is suitable as a single or double room.
  • Buddhism is suitable in an ideal world.

"suited to" or "suited for"?

  • It is more suited for players like you.
  • This mode is not suited in keep of ' framing ' your discipline like the Only Snapshot AF mode.
  • Firstly, he's more suited to 4-3-3.
  • Patterns of suited up men armored with swords donned outfits, but other patterns didn't go over so well.

"sunny in" or "sunny with"?

  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • The day was sunny with no clouds.
  • Kudos sunny for doing your part.
  • Posted by Sunny on 06/10/2012 at 07:50 Hi.

superb in, for, at, with or on?

  • It is superb in its simplicity.
  • The reach is superb for small birds.
  • James the forest was superb at times.
  • It is just superb with 3D effects.

superior to, in, for, about or over?

  • Defence was superior to attack.
  • We were superior in every aspect.
  • Often humans cede superior for cheaper products.
  • We shouldn't get too superior about it though.

supportive of, to, in, for or about?

  • Haidt, was very supportive of the G.
  • Open and supportive to your ideas? 3.
  • He isn't supportive in any way.
  • I want to have them be supportive for me.

supreme in, over, on, for or to?

  • People are supreme in a democracy.
  • His happiness reigns supreme over mine.
  • Superheroes reigned supreme on the bookshop stands.
  • The interest of the people is supreme to me.

"sure of" or "sure about"?

  • Not sure about it.
  • I am sure after using this.
  • Im not sure as for.
  • Not sure at this point.

surplus to, in, for, from or by?

  • They are surplus to requirements.
  • Total surplus in the budget is 66.
  • I reject the two bars that indicate a surplus for 2000 and 2001.
  • I purchased it surplus from Circuit Specialists a few years ago.

"surprised by" or "surprised at"?

  • I was surprised about this one.
  • He was surprised as the rest of us.
  • C) She is surprised at the news.
  • I'd a little surprised by this.

"surprising to", "surprising in" or "surprising for"?

  • This was very surprising to me.
  • It was kind of surprising for me.
  • Nothing very surprising in that.
  • OT: what is surprising about it.

susceptible to, of or for?

  • Susceptible to chlorotic streaks.
  • They are susceptible of ratification.
  • Boys are susceptible for eight days and girls for twenty.

suspected of, as, for or in?

  • I also guilt, moncler, that he was suspected of him.
  • The likelihood of implementation of this decision remains suspected as the Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah expressed his reservations immediately after the conference ended.
  • It is, however, unclear if the driver was dozing as some suspected in view of the time of the accident.

suspicious of, about, to, in or by?

  • We are suspicious of the world.
  • Something suspicious about him.
  • It sounds mighty suspicious to me.
  • Saw nothing suspicious in or about the boat.

"sustainable in" or "sustainable for"?

  • They weren't sustainable in their form.
  • It's simply not sustainable for anyone.
  • That's not sustainable over the long haul.
  • Not sustainable by themselves, they can work with subsidies.

sweet for, to, of, with or in?

  • Her birth was bitter sweet for me.
  • They were all very sweet to me.
  • Thanks, that's so sweet of you.
  • Life can be sweet with diabetes.

"swelling of" or "swelling in"?

  • Swelling of your hands and feet.
  • The swelling in my leg was gone.
  • Check for any swelling on the scrotal skin.
  • Further tests detected a swelling around his jaw area.

symbolic of, in, for, to or about?

  • Flowers are symbolic of wisdom.
  • But it is symbolic in so many ways.
  • Satan is symbolic for hopelessness.
  • This death is symbolic to the approaching death of Hedvig.

sympathetic to, towards, with, about or for?

  • And I'd very sympathetic to the.
  • I feel hugely sympathetic towards them too.
  • So, I'd sympathetic with you, Father.
  • I am really sympathetic about you.

symptomatic of, at, for, in or with?

  • This is symptomatic of the state of my life.
  • Firstly, young onset or juvenile HD- which is defined as HD becoming symptomatic at under the age of 18- is very rare.
  • This omission is symptomatic for the report's shortcomings.
  • I would like to say that i have been very symptomatic in the past two weeks.

synonymous with, to, for or in?

  • Synonymous with photoautotrophy.
  • Traffic is synonymous to chaos.
  • He is synonymous for the word customization.
  • They are synonymous in vedAnta.