ideal for, in, as, at or from?

  • MPC would be ideal for the Army.
  • Kalabagh is ideal in every way.
  • Ideal as a PLAYER of the DAY award.
  • At the moment, the Note 2 is ideal at 5.

"identical to" or "identical with"?

  • This is almost identical to the 4.
  • Jehosadak to be identical with R.
  • They're identical in that sense.
  • Do the identical for breathingin.

identifiable by, as, with, in or to?

  • It is uniquely identifiable by humans.
  • Sergius identifiable as the monastery of Ss.
  • I want it to be easily identifiable with a strong branding.
  • People should be identifiable in their dresses.

"idle for" or "idle in"?

  • My guitar has lain idle for ages.
  • They see the idle in affluence.
  • You may even become idle at times.
  • A tenantless property sitting idle on South Beach.

ignorant of, about, to, in or on?

  • Ignorant of both meetings, Maj.
  • I was hopelessly ignorant about it.
  • Ignorant to bed bugs, I took it.
  • So are the ignorant in the world.

ill with, in, for, at or of?

  • Now I feel ill with the stress.
  • Joint ill / Navel ill in calves.
  • This bodes ILL for USA JRPGers.
  • That set me ill at ease as well.

"illegal in" or "illegal for"?

  • Penned hunts ILLEGAL in Florida now.
  • It's called illegal for a reason.
  • Yeah, it's illegal under US law.
  • Pot was originally made illegal by W.

illustrative of, in, rather or for?

  • Benghazi is illustrative of the same lesson.
  • Few examples may be illustrative in this regard.
  • My rant was illustrative rather than concrete.
  • These savings are illustrative for this specific household and should not be quoted as general savings.

"immune to" or "immune from"?

  • Nobody is immune from the effects.
  • They are not immune to the dangers.

"impatient with" or "impatient for"?

  • I am impatient with most officials.
  • He also became impatient for a sign.
  • They are impatient of all restraint.
  • I am patient and impatient at the same time.

"imperative for" or "imperative to"?

  • It is imperative for your health.
  • It's imperative to building muscle.
  • Inclusiveness is imperative in this process.
  • This made it imperative on the GOI to return this land to them.

impervious to, from or in?

  • They are impervious to new data.
  • I will admit that they provide a stronger position -- however, it is not impervious from question, error or improvement.
  • Becoming impervious in that way is one of those.

implicit in, to, within, from or rather?

  • The ontology implicit in it (i.
  • The threat was implicit to the German princes.
  • I think that is implicit within the term ' helpmeet.
  • Their target should be implicit from what they have.

"important for" or "important to"?

  • Important for buying decisions.
  • This is the most important of the six.

impossible for, in, to, without or with?

  • Impossible for me to actually do.
  • Nothing is impossible in the NBA.
  • It is impossible to not change.
  • Democracy is impossible without it.

"impractical for" or "impractical in"?

  • But this is impractical for Singapore.
  • This would be highly impractical in most cases.
  • Perhaps this seems too radical, visionary and impractical to them.
  • This is very impractical at the moment.

"impressed with" or "impressed by"?

  • Very impressed with his service.
  • I was impressed by his knowledge.
  • I wasn't very impressed at the offer.
  • I am not very impressed about coach Ryan.

impressive in, for, with, to or on?

  • It was less impressive in the U.
  • That's impressive for a rabbit.
  • Impressive with lots of interest.
  • This was really impressive to me.

improper for, in, about, to or on?

  • That is 100% improper for two reasons.
  • This is however improper in a file.
  • There's nothing improper about it.
  • The 30-foot cross he erected at Pointe-Penouille seemed improper to Donnacona, the Native chief.

in-line with, for, inside, on or to?

  • Generally it is in-line with the torso.
  • It can even position you in-line for a job promotion.
  • Determine your focus on collection and then make certain all vital components of the body are in-line inside a parallel style for the collection.
  • I notice too that the vacuum and steam heating pipes appear to be in-line on the same side, bit unusual that.

inaccessible to, for, by, in or due?

  • The surrounding space is inaccessible to them.
  • The whole area was inaccessible for almost a year.
  • Brooks Camp is inaccessible by road.
  • Inaccessible In your dybbuk fury, babies Hurled into the car, you drove.

"inactive for" or "inactive in"?

  • They will be inactive for two years.
  • His law license became inactive in 2002.
  • MIP-1? is inactive on basophils.
  • PS: It's just the forums that are a bit inactive at this point.

"inadequate for" or "inadequate in"?

  • That's inadequate for two reasons.
  • But it is inadequate in mental health.
  • But the checklist is wholly inadequate to the task.
  • Human reason is totally inadequate as a standard to govern the State.

inappropriate for, in, to, with or as?

  • Aamir is inappropriate for the role.
  • Its inappropriate in all venues.
  • That seemed inappropriate to me.
  • I don't see anything inappropriate with this comment.

incapable of

  • Incapable of physical activity.

incidental to, in, as, for or on?

  • Contact incidental to the mark.
  • These benefits are incidental in almost every way.
  • From its wheel and blade, the brightly-colored human figure flies off incidental as a spark.
  • By no means was all he achieved in government rubbish or wrong, but I think the benefit of the nation was incidental for this nutter.

"inclined to" or "inclined towards"?

  • I am inclined to think that Mr.
  • He is not inclined towards sweetness.
  • I'd inclined toward the latter.
  • The dwarf planet's orbit is inclined at 10.

inclusive of, in, for, to or with?

  • This is not inclusive of the $7.
  • Transfers will be inclusive in the deal.
  • We took the all inclusive for a week.
  • This definition seems too inclusive to me.

incompatible with, for, in or to?

  • Incompatible with: Reverse Mode.
  • Science and religion are seen as incompatible for this reason.
  • We were incompatible in the bedroom.
  • This is not incompatible to a more equitable society.

"incompetent in" or "incompetent at"?

  • They were incompetent in this matter.
  • He would not be incompetent at housework.
  • We don't want someone that is too incompetent for the position.
  • He has proven himself to be incompetent as a leader.

incomplete without, in, for, with or at?

  • He is incomplete without a body.
  • Your piece is very interesting but incomplete for Canada.
  • Any article about AFCW is incomplete with them.
  • Rio's process remains incomplete at this time.

incomprehensible to, in, for, without or as?

  • It was just incomprehensible to me.
  • Plenty of things are incomprehensible in life.
  • Theological books can be almost incomprehensible for the ordinary reader.
  • Yet the history of Spanish American independence is incomprehensible without Bolivar.

inconsistent with, in, at, for or on?

  • But this is inconsistent with 2.
  • I'd inconsistent in my life plans.
  • This leads to the metrics being inconsistent at times.
  • This is very inconsistent for a serial killer.

"inconvenient for" or "inconvenient to"?

  • That's much too inconvenient for him.
  • The euro is inconvenient to Ireland.
  • The pregnancy was inconvenient in each case.
  • In all the most inconvenient of places.

incorrect in, for, on, about or with?

  • He is incorrect in this regard.
  • It is incorrect for two reasons.
  • Ken is not incorrect on that point.
  • You are incorrect about Sciences.

"incredible for", "incredible to" or "incredible in"?

  • The camera is incredible for a 5mp cam.
  • Jim Nash is incredible in that.
  • This still seems incredible to me.
  • Bollywood is incredible with music.

indebted to, for, in, by or with?

  • I am also greatly indebted to Mr.
  • Both of which I am very grateful and indebted for.
  • To each of them, I am indebted in a way.
  • It stunned a misguided fan of the Deeply Indebted by forecasting successive defeats at Chelski and MugSmasherLand.

independent of, from, in, for or on?

  • Each is independent of the other.
  • LITCs are independent from the IRS.
  • Power is independent in nature.
  • We became independent for this.

indian in, for, with, to or as?

  • There is nothing Indian in you.
  • I am planning to go to Indian for my H1 stamping.
  • He said in his speech, Indian with 1.
  • Yes, in 1967 Burt coaxed the Indian to 201.

indicative of

  • Indicative of spiritual tribunals.

indifferent to, about, towards, as or between?

  • I was indifferent to the election.
  • I am wholly indifferent about it.
  • He is indifferent towards Jake.
  • He seemed too indifferent as a vet caring for my dog.

indigenous to, in, as, of or against?

  • We are indigenous to this planet.
  • The indigenous in the area are Maasai people.
  • N Indigenous as well as derailing that gravy-train many kiwis will come back.
  • We as the indigenous of a proficient GHD manufacturer.

"indispensable to" or "indispensable for"?

  • Nobody is indispensable to anyone.
  • That makes him indispensable for us.
  • Nobody is indispensable in this game.
  • By being indispensable as a civilian volunteer I helped my husband's career.

indistinguishable from, in, to, by or for?

  • Indistinguishable from other events.
  • They may not be absolute, but they're indistinguishable in practice.
  • The two have been indistinguishable to the Newport Smoking.
  • Obama and Romney will be indistinguishable by the end of the race and only Obama fans will show up to vote.

individual with, for, without, to or in?

  • An individual with an emotional baggage.
  • The inner journey will be individual for each person.
  • It wasn't like an individual without help.
  • This is very individual to the kind of book.

ineffective in, at, for, against or as?

  • He was ineffective in the second half.
  • Microsoft has so far been ineffective at the reserve.
  • Chemo is ineffective for most forms of cancer.
  • Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.

ineligible for, by, due, to or under?

  • Many places IMGs are ineligible for it.
  • Those who are deemed ineligible by definition can not win.
  • Once widowed mother become ineligible due to her marriage next become eligible.
  • He's still ineligible to practice law in California.

"inevitable in" or "inevitable for"?

  • It was inevitable in one sense.
  • Ageing is inevitable for us all.
  • Extreme stress is inevitable with moving.
  • There's nothing inevitable about it.

"inexperienced in" or "inexperienced at"?

  • Inexperienced in battle hand to hand.
  • The remaining individuals were inexperienced at leisure cycling.
  • Maybe she's too young, inexperienced with cake styles.
  • I thought BR was too inexperienced for the job in hand.

infamous for, in, of, as or by?

  • BF3 is infamous for big patches.
  • The waves are infamous in the area.
  • The most infamous of these was the treaty of Nanjing.
  • In its early days Port Royal was infamous as a centre for piracy.

infatuated with, by or in?

  • I had become infatuated with it.
  • The BBC were infatuated by the Seekers.
  • I don't think it's orchestrated per se but they do seem a little infatuated in their hate for me.

infected with, by, in, from or at?

  • Pregnant women who become infected with T.
  • The donated cells were not able to be infected by the virus.
  • HOWEVER the Infected in 28 Days later are not Zombies.
  • Having your pen drive getting infected from worms is quite easy, and getting rid of them is quite difficult.

inferior to, in, about, of or for?

  • The Jewish women are inferior to the men.
  • Yet all these tea were inferior in quality.
  • There is nothing inferior about you or me.
  • Be the inferior of no man, or of any men be superior.

infinite in, of, by, to or for?

  • It's infinite in every direction.
  • That was the infinite of the muscles.
  • The argument really tries to reach the infinite by merely negating the finite.
  • His knowledge seemed infinite to us as children.

influential in, on, of, to or for?

  • France is also very influential in the EU.
  • He is influential on this prakriti.
  • The most influential of his followers was A.
  • There are a number of influential tools out ther; i.

inherent in, to, within or with?

  • It is inherent in the Dreaming.
  • But this is inherent to the source.
  • Make choices that radiate the power inherent within you.
  • There are some things inherent with that position.

inimical to, towards, for or with?

  • Also, he is inimical to the believers.
  • You can not defeat it by being inimical towards it.
  • The observation that most adaptations of individuals are inimical for individuals or their genes but good for populations/species.
  • The minister (Grey) told the King that the pledge was inimical with the interests of the country.

injurious to, for or in?

  • Smoking is injurious to health.
  • Likewise, poverty, joblessness, powerlessness and economic insecurity are injurious for human health.
  • However delay is particularly injurious in domestic violence cases.

"innocent of" or "innocent in"?

  • You are completely innocent of it.
  • The PD is not innocent in this.
  • He is considered innocent by some.
  • I plead innocent to statistical illiteracy.

innovative in, with, about, for or at?

  • It was just so innovative in every way.
  • This is hilarious! Innovative with humour.
  • There is nothing innovative about this.
  • That is quite innovative for us.

"insecure about" or "insecure in"?

  • She was insecure about her looks.
  • She is insecure in her own body.
  • You both seem insecure with each other.
  • I have always felt insecure of myself because I AM SKINNY.

insensitive to, in, towards, of or about?

  • So I'd not insensitive to that.
  • Yes, your opinion is insensitive in and of itself.
  • The AG is very insensitive towards public feelings.
  • That was very insensitive of Mrs.

inseparable from, in, for, after or at?

  • LITTLETON Inseparable from Coke.
  • We were inseparable in being and Essence.
  • We'd been inseparable for twenty years.
  • We became inseparable after that.

"insignificant in" or "insignificant to"?

  • It's all insignificant in the end.
  • The growth is insignificant to me.
  • No issue is too insignificant for these slimy shysters dude.
  • The assistance to GM is insignificant by comparison.

insistent on, about, in, upon or as?

  • She was very insistent on her rules.
  • One Frenchman was insistent about this.
  • She was most insistent in beseeching the prayers of her friends.
  • If he is insistent upon it, get it elsewhere.

inspired by, with, for, from or of?

  • I was very inspired by this post.
  • Anwar inspired with his vision.
  • The Colts have been playing inspired for their coach.
  • I feel very inspired from your blog and I'd going to get busy shaping.

instrumental in, to, for or of?

  • Instrumental in arranging it were Fr.
  • Therefore it is instrumental to.
  • You have truly been instrumental for my freedom.
  • This is instrumental of the city's desire to grow.

"insufficient for" or "insufficient in"?

  • That was insufficient for the King.
  • I don't want to be insufficient in both areas.
  • But they proved insufficient to power even our new low energy fridge.
  • Courage is probably insufficient on its own.

insulting to, in, for, of or about?

  • It's insulting to the customer.
  • There is nothing insulting in this work.
  • It is insulting for me to fight you.
  • They are so insulting of his Christianity.

intact in, for, with, from or after?

  • This remains intact in the amendment.
  • But the killers were intact for almost 2.
  • Tag must be intact with the fish.
  • Their hearing is intact from birth, Nor are they dumb or lame of limb.

integral to, in, of, for or over?

  • Integral to that agenda is race war.
  • See the integral in car physics.
  • After all, isn't climate the integral of weather.
  • All these details matter as they are integral for good engagement.

intelligent in, of, with, for or about?

  • But more intelligent in other ways.
  • Deer are not the most intelligent of animals.
  • She's intelligent with an enviable work ethic.
  • He was too intelligent for that.

intelligible to, in, by, with or for?

  • They are mainly intended to be intelligible to me.
  • The present is only intelligible in the light of the past.
  • We have made Hegel intelligible by interpreting spirit as activity in Marx's sense.
  • It is not intelligible with Chumburung.

"intense in" or "intense for"?

  • The traffic is intense in Japan.
  • It was too intense for the eyes.
  • Mom gets really intense with this sort of stuff).
  • It could get pretty intense at times.

intent on, upon, in or of?

  • So be intent on your meditation.
  • Each is intent upon preaching his own nonsense.
  • I'd intent in working hard for my money.
  • Anyone intent of causing or contributing to civil unrest should stay away.

"interchangeable with" or "interchangeable in"?

  • PDD is not interchangeable with Pdd-NOS.
  • They are interchangeable in most recipes.
  • That vote is now truly interchangeable between FF and FG.
  • Because of this change of perspective, they have been interchangeable for me.

interested in

  • But being interested in people.

interesting to, for, in, about or with?

  • The content was interesting to me.
  • This has been interesting for me.
  • INTERESTING in capital letters.
  • Interesting about the scientists.

"intermediate between", "intermediate in" or "intermediate to"?

  • Then C must be intermediate between A and B.
  • Level: intermediate to advanced Type: hands on.
  • The seed is intermediate in size (90 g).
  • In 1960, he passed the Intermediate from the Dhaka College.

internal to, as, in, of or rather?

  • One is internal to the company.
  • Im a little internal as? you describe.
  • The external joins the internal in unison in Salah.
  • Do the opposite -- be the most internal of internal departments.

international in, at, for, on or with?

  • International in Bangkok and Mr.
  • Fourth One-Day International at Hambantota.
  • Spurs signed the Portugal international for 6.
  • Watch on CNN International on Saturday, June 16, at 4 a.

intimate with, of, in, to or for?

  • We need to be intimate with him.
  • But I was never the intimate of those in the back row.
  • This is how one is intimate in villages.
  • They have become more intimate to us.

"intimidating for" or "intimidating to"?

  • That may be too intimidating for most.
  • This might be intimidating to some.
  • This is telling and intimidating at the same time.
  • The term is intimidating in so many cases.

intolerant of, to, towards, in or with?

  • The spouse is intolerant of adulterey.
  • Also intolerant to eggs and dairy.
  • But Europe is intolerant towards Muslims.
  • I am not being intolerant in my remarks.

"intrigued by" or "intrigued with"?

  • I was very intrigued by the end.
  • And then I got very intrigued with dissociation.
  • Im very intrigued about the prospect of acquiring lowrie.
  • It also ended leaving me intrigued as to who Eddie is too.

intrinsic to, in, about, as or within?

  • This is intrinsic to the dance.
  • It's so intrinsic in human nature, isn't it.
  • There is nothing intrinsic about a tree.
  • Collaboration has intrinsic as well as extrinsic value.

"invaluable to", "invaluable for" or "invaluable in"?

  • Desley has been invaluable to me.
  • It is invaluable in that situation.
  • This has been invaluable for me.
  • Matty has been invaluable as a messenger.

investing in, with, of, for or at?

  • Its about investing in the kids.
  • We try not to do any investing with emotions as this is the best way to make a financial decision.
  • Investing of mass psychology learning is important rather than investing in economics learning.
  • I blame Passive Investing for giving timing a bad name.

invisible to, in, from, for or on?

  • It's invisible to the audience.
  • This expression was invisible in Mr.
  • Easy to do and invisible from the outside.
  • We have been invisible for far too long.

involved in or with?

  • Facts involved in the issue led W.
  • Gorman was not involved with the research.

irish in, for, at, to or with?

  • You clearly have a lot of Irish in you.
  • That is Irish for School of Mary.
  • You didn't learn Irish at school.
  • This is very noticeable in Irish today.

irregardless of, as or to?

  • AllenBouchard: Irregardless of the.
  • Not only how much money do you have, but how much money does all your close relatives have irregardless as to whether they will actually give you any of their money.
  • When told to draw cards, you draw cards irregardless to your hand size.

irrelevant to, in, for, of or as?

  • That's irrelevant to the study.
  • God became irrelevant in his life.
  • Reserves are irrelevant for banking.
  • Irrelevant of how legendary it can be.

irresistible to, for, in, about or at?

  • That combo is irresistible to pervs.
  • The lure of cheap flat screens is irresistible for some.
  • This sight is even more irresistible in the night.
  • There is something irresistible about the idea of ostrich rustlers.

"irresponsible for" or "irresponsible of"?

  • Not to those irresponsible for their actions.
  • That would be irresponsible of me.
  • He is totally irresponsible in this regard.
  • Vod is very irresponsible with her.

"irritating to" or "irritating for"?

  • It is irritating to the people.
  • It's irritating for mobile browsers.
  • It is irritating in the extreme.
  • It does get irritating at times.