"calm in", "calm for" or "calm about"?

  • Our dogs are calm in our house.
  • But I can't be calm about this.
  • It didn't seem very calm for the baby.
  • Nigerians should be calm with him.

"candid about" or "candid in"?

  • They are candid about this goal.
  • Men generally are not candid in sexual matters.
  • Read on as he gets candid with TSA.
  • Read on, SRK gets candid on the movie &; Yash Chopra.

capable of or in?

  • Ambulatory - Capable of walking.
  • I feel capable in that capacity.

careful about, with, of, in or on?

  • Careful about what you wish for.
  • Careful with allergies, though.
  • Be careful of the hole, though.
  • Be very careful in your research.

careless about, with, in, of or on?

  • He talks careless about your wife.
  • You must not be careless with them.
  • I was a bit careless in my wording.
  • Those in loss are careless of life.

caribbean in, for, with, to or on?

  • He moved back to the Caribbean in 2007.
  • Or the Caribbean for that matter.
  • That's the goal we left the Caribbean with.
  • Dozens of ships were affected, from the Caribbean to Quebec.

"catastrophic for" or "catastrophic to"?

  • It was catastrophic for the nation.
  • Those are the ones that are catastrophic to an organization.
  • Nor is sea level rise catastrophic in longer term records.
  • The nation's fiscal condition will become catastrophic with trillion dollar deficits continuing for years to come.

"cautious about" or "cautious in"?

  • But they are cautious about it.
  • Be cautious in making a decision.
  • We have to be cautious of that.
  • Be cautious with online purchases.

celtic in, for, on, at or to?

  • It was like Celtic in the 00/01 season.
  • I'd complimenting Celtic for their game and tactics.
  • Congratulations to Celtic on the win.
  • We offloaded centurions alongside LSD Empire Celtic at Port Said.

central to, in, for, at or of?

  • It's central to the point in hand.
  • The house is very central in Dundalk.
  • AC3 has been bug central for me.
  • It will reach Mumbai Central at 00.

"certain of" or "certain about"?

  • I'd not 100% certain of the format.
  • But one thing I am certain about.
  • Nothing's certain in the world.
  • Make certain to medical doctor.

"challenging for" or "challenging of"?

  • It was quite challenging for Mr.
  • The most challenging of these is slavery.
  • It's very challenging in that aspect.
  • This task may seem very challenging to most people.

characteristic of, for, in or to?

  • Character is what is characteristic of us.
  • Osteoclasts were not characteristic for Paget's disease of bone.
  • The animal characters look fab and are really characteristic in a cheeky kind of way.
  • Taste, flavor and fragrance of mango is very characteristic to the same.

"chargeable to", "chargeable with" or "chargeable on"?

  • A partnership as such is not chargeable to income tax.
  • In this case, the GST is chargeable on $300.
  • Instruments chargeable with duty 3.
  • Rent Reviews - 50 % of the fees chargeable under lettings 4.

charming in, to, about, with or of?

  • He can be charming in conversation too.
  • But he is still charming to me.
  • There is something very charming about that.
  • They were both charming with very soft voices.

"cheap in" or "cheap for"?

  • That is what is cheap in China.
  • Cheaper for me to sell it than.
  • He was cheap at half the price.
  • For me, I don't go cheap on bras.

"chief of" or "chief among"?

  • Anlide, chief of Ceneoil Dobtha.
  • Peter, acknowledged as chief among the apostles.
  • O'Donnelly is cited anciently as a chief in Inishowen.
  • These three are chief amongst devas and humans: Illuminators, preaching Dhamma, Opening the door to the Deathless, They free many people from bondage.

chilling in, with, on, at or of?

  • Chilling in Steve's Arsenal tee// 3.
  • The water was chilling with cold.
  • Butterbean chilling on her cycle.
  • Chilling at home -- the highway A quick chai and greetings.

chinese in, for, as, to or on?

  • So Taiwanese are Chinese in nature.
  • This is probably Chinese for you hahaha.
  • The Chinese as a people are: 1.
  • I made him speak Chinese to me, it was great.

chock-full of, with or by?

  • It is chock-full of great stuff.
  • The main road was chock-full with burnt vehicles and debris.
  • Kersey sassistance aftermoster the coniferst aboutt on a newborn employ, he chock-full by cornetist Park on Sundayperiod to burnge his radiophone pimprove at the barbecue apartment.

christian in, for, with, by or to?

  • America is Christian in name only.
  • Thanks Christian for the assist.
  • I am a Christian with a Muslim home.
  • Marx was a Christian by upbringing.

clean up, with, in, for or of?

  • Given the means, people clean up.
  • Clean with fine abrasive paper.
  • It wasn't so clean in the past.
  • Keeping it clean for 10 + years.

clear to, from, in, of or about?

  • I made that clear to my OB-GYN.
  • Some were clear from the start.
  • All these are clear in the Bible.
  • I said I'd steered clear of it.

clever in, with, at, about or for?

  • You are very clever in English.
  • DPM is quite clever with backups.
  • Ryan Air are very clever at this.
  • We have to be clever about this.

clinging to, of, on, as or for?

  • And no more clinging to a teacher.
  • True or perfect panna is emptiness, absence of the foolish clinging of delusion.
  • It becomes a clinging on, white knuckles can I make it to 30 days affair.
  • We see this suffering, and we see our very clinging as the cause of that suffering.

close to, by, in, with or on?

  • That was close To Zero as well.
  • At least the store is close by.
  • It was pretty close in the end.
  • He was close with all his kids.

"closed for", "closed in" or "closed to"?

  • Augustine's closed for lack of funding.
  • Its closed to Dhaka University.
  • It whispers closed in his wake.
  • The dollar closed on Friday at US65.

"clueless about" or "clueless as"?

  • I am clueless about the solution.
  • I am clueless as to what to do.
  • He also is clueless on history.
  • I was clueless to independent living.

cognizant of, about, for, to or with?

  • Be cognizant of their symptoms.
  • The problem is, many of the useful idiots who support them on the sidelines aren't fully cognizant about their intentions.
  • Many of them woke up and were cognizant for the first time in 40 years.
  • So again, Good Luck! I am cognizant to what you wrote and yes its quite obvious that Tao of Turtle island are the same beings.

cold in, for, at, on or with?

  • And it gets cold in the winter.
  • I've had a cold for a few days.
  • Also, have a cold at the moment.
  • Hope you stay cold on the ship.

"comfortable with" or "comfortable in"?

  • Get comfortable with discomfort.
  • It's comfortable in the static.
  • Do what is comfortable for you.
  • He looked comfortable on the ball.

"comforting to" or "comforting for"?

  • I used calm, comforting tone too.
  • That is very comforting for us all.
  • There's something comforting about it.
  • It's therapeutic and comforting in all respect.

commensurate with, to or in?

  • CONDITION Commensurate with age &; use.
  • The punishment is not commensurate to the crime.
  • To inspire the necessary support to tackle a problem of the scale of climate change will require a vision that is commensurate in scale.

"commercial for" or "commercial in"?

  • Pitt's first commercial for No.
  • I have a national commercial in Austria.
  • Now imagine that commercial with the word asterisk.
  • And he's ending the commercial on a downer.

committed to, by, for, in or of?

  • I am very committed to staying.
  • Wot crime have i committed by that statement.
  • You will need to stay committed for finding the cheapest auto insurance.
  • Your country has been too committed in Iraq.

"common in" or "common for"?

  • Typhoid is not common in the U.
  • It is common for the southern parts of the.
  • It is a name common to all of us.
  • Gossip was common among the women.

"commonplace in" or "commonplace for"?

  • It's commonplace in the workplace.
  • It is commonplace for bloggers.
  • Such traits are commonplace among Muslims living in the West.
  • And maybe they'll be commonplace on the street too.

comparable to, with, in, across or between?

  • Comparable to Johnny Appleseed.
  • This is comparable with the percentage seen.
  • It is comparable in size to Nigeria.
  • The Doing Business indicators are comparable across 183 economies.

"compassionate to" or "compassionate towards"?

  • He is compassionate towards all.
  • He is compassionate towards all.
  • Be compassionate with your partner.
  • I am compassionate in the face of hatred.

compatible with, for, to, in or on?

  • It is compatible with the Fire.
  • Also compatible for Crossfire/SLI setup.
  • It is compatible to her as we observed.
  • I hope they look more compatible in action.

competent in, at, for, with or to?

  • I am competent in the language.
  • Pick the niche you're competent at.
  • It would have been competent for Mr.
  • They'd feel more competent with less features, less clutter.

"complacent about" or "complacent in"?

  • But don't be complacent about this bill.
  • You can't be complacent in hockey.
  • I'd going to get complacent with where I am.
  • From complacent to feeling better to specific.

complementary to, in, rather, of or with?

  • They are complementary to each other.
  • Complementary in pink and grey.
  • It was also decided that it will be complementary of the New.
  • This is complementary with what we are trying to achieve.

complete with, without, in, by or at?

  • Complete with a heart-shaped spot.
  • No top ten is complete without Van.
  • CXC/GCE O/L -- complete in 4yrs 2.
  • They are complete by themselves.

"complex for" or "complex in"?

  • It's a bit more complex for me.
  • To examine something complex in detail.
  • Not getting too complex with the details.
  • Human vision is the most complex of all sensory systems.

compliant with, to, in, by or for?

  • This is compliant with the JSR too.
  • I sent my compliant to TSA and.
  • We will not be compliant in our demise.
  • Ndemo, it is possible to be fully compliant by July 2012.

"complicated for", "complicated by" or "complicated in"?

  • It is too complicated for them.
  • Things got complicated in the past.
  • Its all complicated by the fact that I have M.
  • This is less complicated with the EDW LTS.

"complimentary to", "complimentary about" or "complimentary of"?

  • Very complimentary to card sorting.
  • She is complimentary of that staff.
  • They were both very complimentary about my work.
  • Both are complimentary for guests of the house.

comprehensible to, in, by, for or as?

  • I enjoy making science comprehensible to the general reader.
  • Much less does it know that the universe is comprehensible in this or that way.
  • There is in nature a subordination of genera and species comprehensible by us.
  • Nirvana is not comprehensible for those who have not attained it.

comprehensive in, of, with, for or to?

  • Its quite comprehensive in its depth.
  • It was too comprehensive of a list to memorise.
  • I went to my local comprehensive with people from all backgrounds.
  • It is amazingly comprehensive for a single volume.

"compulsory for" or "compulsory in"?

  • English is compulsory for all students.
  • It is not compulsory in Hinduism.
  • Ghusl became compulsory at night.
  • Zakat is not compulsory on immature.

"concerned about" or "concerned with"?

  • And I am concerned about them.
  • But I'd also concerned as a parent.
  • I was a bit concerned at that stage.
  • I'd still concerned by the price.

concurrent with, to, in or for?

  • Section 15-Delivery Concurrent with Payment.
  • That sentence is concurrent to the sentence Leon imposed this morning.
  • Such as grand finales of a theme concurrent in the piece.
  • It became a too big concurrent for wood industry.

"conditional on" or "conditional upon"?

  • But it can not be conditional on fantasy.
  • Funding is conditional upon access approval.
  • Oh and the fact that his support and love is conditional to $ too.
  • No fast (Roza) is conditional for MUSTAHAB or NAFL I'tikaaf.

conducive to, for or in?

  • Conducive to the exchange of folk artists.
  • The atmosphere is just not conducive for work.
  • These are definitely conducive in building ethnic amity.

"confident in", "confident about" or "confident of"?

  • Wear what you feel confident in.
  • She was so confident of the out-come.
  • He's confident about the wager.
  • I'd pretty confident with my putter.

conflicting with, in, to, of or about?

  • S conflicting with the other Imam A.
  • As at TMI, information has been lacking or conflicting in Japan.
  • This does not appear conflicting to me.
  • I want my marriage to be annulled and the grounds are conflicting of personalities and emotionally abuse.

"confused with" or "confused about"?

  • I am very confused with it all.
  • She feels confused about Jacob.
  • I'd very, very confused by this.
  • She was very confused as to what it was.

"confusing for" or "confusing to"?

  • I see nothing confusing about this.
  • I'd sorry if it's confusing as a result.
  • Everything is confusing at this age.
  • That's confusing by anyone's standards.

congruent with, to, in, by or on?

  • The pad should be congruent with the mouse.
  • We then say that M is congruent to a modulo n.
  • Be congruent in tone and words.
  • Two triangles with two equal sides and equal included angles are congruent by some theorem or another -- you look it up.

"connected with" or "connected to"?

  • Stay Connected With Colleagues.
  • Not connected to internet also.
  • Stay connected for more gadget.
  • All the wires a connected in order i.

conscious of, about, in, at or for?

  • She was highly conscious of that.
  • Now, I'd more conscious about it.
  • I need to be conscious in knowing I am.
  • I was quite conscious at the time.

"consequent upon", "consequent on" or "consequent to"?

  • Consequent upon this, it made the rounds that Dr.
  • It added that the murder was consequent to this.
  • Married accommodation consequent on marriage.
  • The antecedent in the conclusion must be an antecedent in its premise, and so also the consequent of the conclusion must be a consequent in its premise.

conservative in, with, about, on or of?

  • It's fairly conservative in that way.
  • It was conservative with a small c.
  • There's nothing conservative about our game.
  • Hoover was a conservative on monetary policy.

"considerate of" or "considerate to"?

  • Be considerate of other guests.
  • Be considerate to other water users.
  • Be considerate towards him and don't interfere.
  • The fan is very considerate in cinema modes.

consistent with, in, across, at or for?

  • Consistent with this finding, B.
  • Be consistent in your formatting.
  • And be consistent across the web site.
  • I'd like Sabi to be consistent at 1.

consonant with, to or of?

  • For Methodists this is consonant with EDEV.
  • The Judicial Decisions of Courts of Justice, consonant to one another in the Series and Successions of Time.
  • It is the most consonant of the imperfect intervals.

"conspicuous by" or "conspicuous in"?

  • Conspicuous by his absence is Rocky.
  • This is conspicuous in Roy's polemic.
  • COTS was conspicuous for its absence.
  • Conspicuous among them is the USA.

constant in, for, at, over or throughout?

  • I've been constant in doing this.
  • Be constant for ideal benefits.
  • Water levels remained constant at 0.
  • The constant over egging of the pudding.

"contemporary with" or "contemporary in"?

  • He was contemporary with Solomon.
  • Also I found nothing contemporary in the pictures.
  • He was one of the contemporary to Lord Chaitanya.
  • He was a senior contemporary of Buddhaghosa.

contemptuous of, to, towards, about or at?

  • It is demeaning and contemptuous of women.
  • Let self glorification be something contemptuous to you.
  • The whole tone of it is contemptuous towards the publishing industry in general and literature in particular.
  • Sad but well, serve me right for being so contemptuous about the distance.

"contending with" or "contending for"?

  • It also meant contending with grainy images.
  • He'll be contending for championships for years.
  • Also contending in the Player of the Year race were Weber, the 2012 U.
  • Both acts will be contending against other big names such as EXILE, Jolin Tsai, and Yuna.

content with, in, on, for or to?

  • And you are not content with it.
  • And he's very content in his service.
  • All content on this blog is the.
  • It means content for various media.

"contingent on" or "contingent upon"?

  • A thing that is contingent in its nature establishes the fact of a non-contingent existence.
  • UKIP chances to elect MP's is assisted by the Lib Dem collapse The above table is contingent of 40% of Lib Dem voters defecting to Labour, which is a given in the current political environment.
  • Problem #2 is contingent on problem #1.
  • An event which is contingent to us is certain to God by his ordination.

continuous with, in, for, throughout or from?

  • It is continuous with the brain.
  • Time really is not continuous for her.
  • Screening of patients was continuous throughout the study period of six months.
  • They are also continuous from the beginning to the end of the job.

contradictory to, in, of, with or for?

  • This sounds contradictory to me.
  • But it also reads contradictory in places.
  • A(ca) is true contradictory of 3 Then 5.
  • Those numbers are also contradictory with each others.

controversial in, for, of, to or about?

  • Every list is controversial in away.
  • It's controversial for a good reason.
  • They win the most controversial of decisions.
  • Nothing controversial to this point.

"convenient for" or "convenient to"?

  • Not so convenient for the cast.
  • It just seems too convenient to me.
  • MRT is very convenient in Singapore.
  • Very convenient with all the shops around.

"conversant with" or "conversant in"?

  • Its the language most of as are conversant with.
  • She is conversant in basic French.
  • These companies are well conversant about web optimization.
  • In fact a number of ISPs are not even conversant on the issue.

convicted of, for, by or in?

  • He was convicted of manslaughter.
  • He was convicted for all of them.
  • I was very convicted by the uncompromised generosity.
  • I know and I have seen-I'd not alone standing convicted in this court today.

convinced of, by, about, after or at?

  • And here's what I am convinced of.
  • I remain convinced by both of them.
  • I certainly am convinced about GW.
  • I was more convinced after hearing myself talk.

"convincing in" or "convincing to"?

  • They are not convincing in any way.
  • Mary Anne sounds convincing to me.
  • Pitt is utterly convincing as the Mr.
  • It didn't take much convincing for me to agree.

"cool with", "cool for" or "cool in"?

  • And I'd finally cool with that.
  • Snug in winter, cool in summer.
  • So don't be too cool for school.
  • Ain't nothing cool about thugs.

"cooperative in" or "cooperative with"?

  • She joined this cooperative in 2005.
  • Rogers was very co-operative with us.
  • But he has been cooperative for the first few days.
  • Both should be adopted for the cooperative to another.

correct in, about, for, on or at?

  • Perhaps I am incorrect in this.
  • You are correct about one thing.
  • Your opinion is only correct for you.
  • He is correct on BC's approach.

"corrupt in" or "corrupt to"?

  • Not all deans are corrupt in Spain.
  • From the corrupt to the honest.
  • But he ended up as the most corrupt of all.
  • We are made corrupt by education.

"costly for", "costly to" or "costly in"?

  • It will be less costly for you.
  • Which are extremely costly in Ca.
  • It's costly to the taxpayer (ie.
  • But it'll be too costly with present technology.

"counterproductive to" or "counterproductive for"?

  • They are counter-productive to U.
  • It's really counterproductive for all of them.
  • It's actually counter-productive in W's forum.
  • No, I don't think it becomes counterproductive at some point.

countless of, in, near, times or from?

  • I've done it countless of times.
  • Tracts are countless in number, and a large share of them are worthless.
  • This made for countless near misses.
  • We don't remember the countless times those without it are wrong.

courteous to, in, at, of or with?

  • She was courteous to her elders.
  • Other Tips: Be courteous at all times.
  • Respect the Venue Be courteous of your host and their business operation.
  • He was polite and courteous with Betty's mom.

"coy about" or "coy on"?

  • Others are coy about who they use.
  • ANNA HENDERSON: But he's remaining coy on the details.
  • Oh you two -- stop playing so coy with each other.
  • There's no point in being coy in times like these.

"cozy with", "cozy up" or "cozy in"?

  • She was very cozy with big oil.
  • So cozy in fact that it is hard to leave.
  • It's not our job to cozy up to power.
  • Quiet and cozy for a long night chat and drink with friends.

"crazy about" or "crazy for"?

  • There's nothing crazy about it.
  • All these films I go crazy for.
  • Then get crazy with the frosting.
  • Crazy in love with it actually.

"creative in" or "creative with"?

  • Get creative about finding a mentor.
  • It is creative as well as responsive.
  • Scary and creative at the same time.
  • How to be creative by Hugh MacLeod.

crispy on, with, without, at or in?

  • It gets nice and crispy on both sides.
  • The phyllo was nice and crispy without being overly oily.
  • The phyllo was nice and crispy without being overly oily.
  • Roast them for 15-20 minutes until soft inside and crispy at the edges.

"critical of" or "critical to"?

  • It was not being critical of anybody.
  • He was critical to each one of them.
  • Repair is critical for the environment.
  • This is critical in the integration.

crowded with, in, on, at or for?

  • The lake was crowded with canoes.
  • It was beyond crowded in there.
  • It may be very crowded on sunny days.
  • It got pretty crowded at times.

"crucial to" or "crucial for"?

  • That is very crucial for the team.
  • Crucial in moving mankind forward.
  • His loose forwards combo is crucial as well as his No9 and 10.
  • The war was crucial at the time.

cruel to, of, in, for or on?

  • He was also cruel to the Irish.
  • Still, it was a little cruel of you.
  • Humiliation is cruel in any form.
  • SK death will also be cruel for JS.

crushing of, in, on, at or by?

  • It meant a total crushing of vanity.
  • Also, I detected noise throughout the series and some annoying crushing in the black colors.
  • OK well, first, I guess this means I have to end my crushing on you LOL -- because that might be wrong.
  • I'd sure that the crowds are pretty crushing at that time of year.

"culpable for" or "culpable in"?

  • We are culpable for our actions.
  • Both are culpable in this sorry state.
  • A worker found culpable of an offence may also be demoted.
  • We are all culpable to some degree.

"curious about" or "curious as"?

  • I was curious about the change.
  • Curious as to what others think.
  • I was curious to study all these.
  • I am curious on his background.

current in, with, on, at or of?

  • The current in the East River, N.
  • I stay current with the dentist.
  • Stay current on industry trends.
  • Also current at rated conditions.

"customary for" or "customary in"?

  • Tipping is customary for good service.
  • As usual and customary in good F.
  • Head hunting was customary with them in the old days.
  • Paying for teaching was not customary at that time.

"cute in", "cute for" or "cute with"?

  • She looked cute in the T-shirt.
  • SuperNezumi Sooo cute with the wig.
  • They are cute for all of one minute.
  • It looks really cute on her though.

cynical about, of, in, for or among?

  • Yes, I'd cynical about that admission.
  • You're cynical of it - not skeptical.
  • But to be cynical in these times seems to me inappropriate.
  • Yea, so pardon me for being cynical for those reasons.