abhorrent to, in, for, of or about?

  • They are abhorrent to the rule of law.
  • It is abhorrent in the eyes of Allah, and is unnatural.
  • General warrants, abhorrent for a host of reasons Camden and his contemporaries identified, are formally prohibited.
  • The most abhorrent of deeds according to Allah is to associate partners with Him, then to cut the ties of kinship.

"ablaze with" or "ablaze in"?

  • Mature landscaped gardens ablaze with flowers.
  • The middle east is ablaze in death.
  • Their compound was set ablaze by a group.
  • Emotions ablaze on wedding days.

"able for" or "able in"?

  • He's barely able for it any more.
  • There is nothing objectionable in it.
  • The problem is being able of spoting them.
  • But if he is not able at that time I; m still going.

"abreast of" or "abreast with"?

  • Keep abreast of the latest news.
  • I always keep abreast with Jason's performance too.
  • And they keep them abreast on daily basis with the grass root sitreps.
  • He launched Abreast in a Boat in 1996.

"absent from" or "absent in"?

  • What was absent from the debate then.
  • Such shame is absent in our leaders.
  • He will be absent for three weeks.
  • I was absent on the 25th April(monday).

absolute in, for, of, to or as?

  • Rule is made absolute in these terms.
  • Leggings are absolute for this.
  • The absolute of Hegel and Shankara is a solid rock.
  • Unhappiness is a relative condition that feels absolute to those in distress.

"absurd to", "absurd in" or "absurd for"?

  • That seems patently absurd to me.
  • This is absurd for many reasons.
  • You spot the absurd in everything.
  • This argument is absurd on two counts.

abundant in, with, of, on or for?

  • Taxis are abundant in the area.
  • The earth is abundant with oil.
  • That said, there is still an abundant of mosquitos.
  • Leeches are abundant on lawns and moors.

"abusive to", "abusive in" or "abusive towards"?

  • I won't let them be abusive to me.
  • They have been racially abusive towards us.
  • It is creepy and abusive in context.
  • But other forms of abusive of power were pretty rampant.

"academic in" or "academic at"?

  • We are seeking a top-class academic in this field.
  • Anyway, academic at the moment.
  • The writer is a former academic with a doctorate.
  • Mary High School both from an academic as well as social perspective.

"acceptable to" or "acceptable for"?

  • That was not acceptable to the US.
  • Is that acceptable for a Muslim male.
  • It is not acceptable in a heat.
  • It is not acceptable by God Almighty.

accessible to, by, for, from or in?

  • It is accessible to the disabled.
  • Be accessible for the tantrums.
  • The room is accessible from 11 am to 9.
  • Accessible in diverse colors and styles.

"accountable for" or "accountable to"?

  • Teachers have no problem being held accountable by parents.
  • People WILL BE held accountable for this.
  • EDWARDS: You hold them accountable in the WTO.
  • Hold them accountable on election day.

accurate in, to, for, at or with?

  • But still, quite accurate in a sense.
  • It sounds pretty accurate to me.
  • It was 99% accurate for negative.
  • The below is accurate at this time.

accustomed to, in or with?

  • My eyes grew accustomed to the fog.
  • We have all become accustomed in recent years to searching for real estate online.
  • MeeGo is easy to get accustomed with.

achievable in, with, by, for or through?

  • Doable, achievable In all his meetings, Dr.
  • Grid Parity is achievable with the PV TOP.
  • It is achievable by someone, by you.
  • Think about what is achievable for you.

active in, on, at, with or for?

  • Among other active interests, Mr.
  • Campus Progress is active on over 500 U.
  • Most moths are active at night.
  • Be active with your Facebook fans.

acute in, for, with, at or among?

  • And there is the acute in sound? True.
  • This is especially acute for young men.
  • The effects of this become more apparent and acute with time.
  • It was her voice that made The sky acutest at its vanishing.

"adamant about" or "adamant in"?

  • Yes, I'd that adamant about it.
  • But Old Spider was adamant in his decision.
  • Mr Obama is adamant on tax hikes.
  • Why are you so adamant to the yearning of Nigerian.

adaptable to, in, for, with or of?

  • We are very adaptable to changes.
  • He's adaptable in nature, in theme and in ability.
  • He was too adaptable for everyone.
  • It is widely adaptable with an average yield of 1949 kg/ha.

added to, in, on, of or for?

  • Bush started and obama added to it.
  • Contemplate shelling out which will tiny added in your goal apparel,.
  • But we hardly had the ball in added on time.
  • For added of a best attending we adulation this applique dress, from Lipsy.

additional to, of, for, in or on?

  • This is additional to the 130 Mio.
  • I'd hoping to enjoy a book additional of you.
  • I won't pay additional for food beyond the package.
  • Then an additional in very same strategy.

adept at, in, with or to?

  • She became adept at living the lie.
  • The system is adept in the use of force.
  • Already not very adept with beer in the tummy.
  • All the Chinese were adept to this series.

"adequate for" or "adequate to"?

  • This is adequate for this level.
  • My income is adequate to my needs.
  • This was quite adequate in this setting.
  • It is though, barely adequate as a retirement income.

admissible in, to, under, for or as?

  • But it's not admissible in court.
  • Three, you must be admissible to the United States.
  • Be otherwise admissible under U.
  • But CEA is not admissible for Pre-school/playschool.

"adrift of" or "adrift in"?

  • O'Leary and Burrows were 1:31 adrift of that time.
  • She looks so adrift in this show.
  • Sayed Ibrahim took third spot, just 4 pins adrift on 1928.
  • He was cut adrift from his protective family.

"advanced in" or "advanced for"?

  • Very advanced in comparison to us humans.
  • He was too advanced for his age.
  • The most advanced of these are.
  • Mulg advanced with an eye to control another flag.

"advancing to" or "advancing in"?

  • Much more advancing to the health.
  • Advancing in retail can mean a variety of things.
  • It was slowly advancing towards me.
  • Software is advancing at a tremendous pace.

"advantageous to" or "advantageous for"?

  • These financial aids are not only advantageous to.
  • It's advantageous for everyone.
  • It would be advantageous in terms of e.
  • The weight reduction is advantageous as well as the absorptive capacity.

adverse to, in, about, for or of?

  • I am not at all adverse to GM foods.
  • It was a hinterland secret in its customs, adverse in its intent, into which.
  • A day when white people will no longer be blamed for everything adverse about New Zealand.
  • Europe's population is too adverse for that.

"advisable for" or "advisable to"?

  • It truly is advisable for your Listing.
  • It is advisable to book for camping.
  • Investments advisable in this geographical area.
  • Bookings are advisable as the tickets are limited.

aesthetic of, in, to, with or for?

  • That there is an aesthetic of ideas.
  • A new aesthetic in the creation of our gardens is required.
  • And I think it adds a nice aesthetic to the device.
  • I wanted to capture this particular aesthetic with Pitch.

affected by, in, of, with or through?

  • The Duke was very affected by her death.
  • Girls are the most affected in this.
  • India and China are the most affected of Swiss policy.
  • I am one of the affected with this Alcohol Abuse.

"affordable for" or "affordable to"?

  • Very affordable for what you get.
  • Making healthcare affordable to all.
  • It is not actually cheap but affordable in that sense.
  • Sandalwood is only affordable by the very rich.

afloat in, for, by, with or on?

  • BHASAN: Literally, setting afloat in water.
  • Realms managed to stay afloat for 52 issues.
  • Stradbally stayed afloat by the skin of their teeth.
  • The decision kept them afloat with Obama having the last word.

afraid of, for, to, about or in?

  • Yes, that's what I'd afraid of.
  • I was often afraid for my life.
  • Don't be afraid to set a trend.
  • And they're not afraid about doing it.

african in, with, on, from or to?

  • Everybody is African in origin.
  • Ah! I am so dragging my mom to be African with me.
  • There was a South African on offer.
  • Van Loon came to South African from Holland at age 20, in 1956.

ageing of, in, at, under or to?

  • The inevitable ageing of our bodies.
  • Recent social policy statements have sought to re-define ageing in a positive way.
  • Written by Paul Mulholland The development of the Centre of Excellence for Successful Ageing at St James's Hospital, Dublin, has been hampered as a result of the economic climate.
  • Dr De Grey said: ' I'd say we have a 50/50 chance of bringing ageing under what I'd call a decisive level of medical control within the next 25 years or so.

aggressive in, with, towards, on or about?

  • Please, be aggressive in your prayers.
  • Just so aggressive with every ball.
  • They're aggressive towards them.
  • You've gotten aggressive about marketing.

"aggrieved by" or "aggrieved at"?

  • It is something i do feel aggrieved by.
  • O Ibrahim! We are aggrieved at your demise.
  • It's OK for you to feel aggrieved about this.
  • Being aggrieved with the decision of the **30;147590;TOOLONG.

aghast at, with, in, by or as?

  • He is puzzled or aghast at them.
  • He stood aghast with his mouth agape.
  • Critics of the former mayor and his incinerator deals sat aghast in the audience.
  • Today, we are founding fathers would be aghast by Earth's conditions.

agreeable to, with, for, in or at?

  • Almost all are agreeable to me.
  • Damned right it was agreeable with me.
  • This is highly agreeable for householders.
  • We found the hotel agreeable in all respect.

akin to, in or of?

  • Akin to the time they failed to.
  • Or idiots like Akin in Missouri.
  • Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers, Catholic.

"alarmed at" or "alarmed about"?

  • Alarmed at this phone call, Mr.
  • That is nothing to be alarmed about.
  • We are very alarmed by this development.
  • Tory leaders were alarmed with the government.

"alert to" or "alert for"?

  • Be alert to the world around you.
  • You're on alert for any crisis.
  • Set the frequency of Alert in the.
  • We've got an alert on in the south today.

alien to, in, from or for?

  • They are alien to our realities.
  • Sometimes we are alien in our own land.
  • So alien from outer space visit us and live.
  • Somehow, the people around me, the pace at which the organization moved, felt too alien for me.

"alive in", "alive for" or "alive with"?

  • Real hope is alive in the NFRA.
  • Hence I keep my relationship alive with it.
  • Don't keep your pets alive for you.
  • Adair's still alive by the way.

allergic to

  • I also think I'd allergic to it.

"almighty for" or "almighty in"?

  • Thank God almighty for this move.
  • To worship God Almighty in holiness and reverence 2.
  • As per Muslim beliefs, her running was answered by Allah Almighty with the well of ZamZam.
  • We are putting God Almighty to the test.

"alone in" or "alone with"?

  • I was left alone in the prison.
  • They are alone with the website.
  • Leave him alone for a few days.
  • The UK is hardly alone on this.

aloof from, in, to, of or with?

  • Many simply stand aloof from the fray.
  • You accept to beappear aloof in adjustment to survive.
  • The rest of the world is not completely aloof to what is going on in Nigeria.
  • One who criticises the Mah? si method is still aloof of the right path.

"alright for" or "alright with"?

  • It's alright for you Catholics.
  • I hope that's alright with you.
  • They'll be alright in the future, Mr.
  • I told him it was alright by me.

"amazed at" or "amazed by"?

  • Amazed at the price very cheap.
  • Usui Sensei was amazed by this.
  • I always amazed with my sister.
  • I was kind of amazed about that.

"amazing in", "amazing for" or "amazing to"?

  • God is amazing in how he works.
  • It is amazing to me that the U.
  • They will be amazing for the club.
  • I think you'll be amazing at it.

"ambitious in" or "ambitious for"?

  • The most ambitious in scope are trade agreements.
  • Very ambitious for a first timer.
  • Q uite ambitious of us to do all that*.
  • Sonia is ambitious with great aspirations.

ambivalent about, to, towards, in or on?

  • Something I'd very ambivalent about.
  • I am ambivalent to that choice.
  • Marx himself was rather ambivalent in his writings.
  • I'd kind of ambivalent on this trend.

amenable to or for?

  • Most people are amenable to this.
  • You are amenable for what you say.

american in, with, for, on or to?

  • I think it's the American in me.
  • I am American with an Irish Passport.
  • Dick, less so -- he was too American for me.
  • American on the Rise Nine Passions.

"amused by" or "amused at"?

  • I was pretty amused by what I saw.
  • I'd easily amused at Cope Reynolds.
  • I'd just amused with what you wrote.
  • Am not amused about the mockup of the interpreter.

ancillary to, of, with, by or in?

  • Writing code is ancillary to all this.
  • The Iraqi Jews operated to some extent as ancillary of the British in many countries around the world.
  • Air jordan shoes ancillary still preserved the Swoosh logo, this is the alone ancillary with a brace of NBA Shoes logo.
  • To adviser humans to saccept the appropriate approach of archbuzzs to buy, The two a lot of accepted monster exhausteds archbuzzs were atoneared ancillary by ancillary actuality.

"angry at" or "angry with"?

  • He grew angry at the absurdity.
  • When people get angry with me,.
  • There is much to be angry about.
  • I'd not angry over odd questions.

"annoyed with" or "annoyed at"?

  • Pretty annoyed with the cashier.
  • Millie is quite annoyed at this.
  • He looked annoyed by my whispering.
  • I was quite annoyed about that.

"annoying to" or "annoying for"?

  • It's really annoying to me, that.
  • Which is annoying for a reader.
  • Funny and annoying at the same time.
  • They also very annoying in the U.

anonymous on, at, in, for or to?

  • Anonymous on 15 January 2011 Thx.
  • Agree fully with Anonymous at 8:42pm.
  • Being anonymous in London is easy.
  • Thank you Doctor Anonymous for writing this.

"answerable to" or "answerable for"?

  • He was answerable to the governor.
  • You're answerable for your bit.
  • What Marx did was to pose them in a way which made them answerable in practice.
  • Metaphysical questions were only answerable by metaphysics and theology.

"antagonistic to" or "antagonistic towards"?

  • One is not antagonistic to the other.
  • I was antagonistic towards such a task.
  • We should stop being so antagonistic toward each other.
  • You are often antagonistic in your own blogs.

"anxious about" or "anxious for"?

  • So I would get anxious about it.
  • I am so anxious for her to win.
  • He was anxious in the changing room.
  • Excited and anxious at the same time.

"apologetic about" or "apologetic for"?

  • I am not apologetic about that.
  • Hanna looks truly apologetic for lying.
  • I swung from apologetic to indigent.
  • She wasn't even apologetic in any way.

"appalled by" or "appalled at"?

  • I'd appalled as a veteran that the U.
  • Why are we not appalled at this.
  • In fact, I am appalled by them.
  • I am appalled with this service.

"apparent in" or "apparent to"?

  • It's apparent in the Middle East.
  • This is apparent to the entire world.
  • So much is apparent from the off.
  • None of which are apparent on an x-ray.

appealing to, for, in, about or of?

  • It became very appealing to me.
  • You are just too appealing for your own good.
  • The book is most appealing in this aspect.
  • There's just something very appealing about it.

applicable to, in, for, on or across?

  • British Statutes Applicable to India.
  • It is applicable in the current context too.
  • It is applicable for all times.
  • God laws is applicable on earth.

"applied for" or "applied to"?

  • These cities were flourishing and Muslim scientists made tremendous progress in applied as well as theoretical Science and Technology.
  • And the same applied at this wedding banquet.
  • Each stark defender has three levels of upgrades which can be applied by selecting the tower first and purchasing the upgrade.
  • The two applied for the patent.

appreciative of, for, to or about?

  • We're appreciative of the help.
  • He was so appreciative for the business.
  • Jim was just so appreciative to all of us.
  • I am very appreciative about it.

"apprehensive about" or "apprehensive of"?

  • But I am so apprehensive about it now.
  • Everyone was apprehensive of the future.
  • I was apprehensive at the start.
  • Women are usually apprehensive in such matters.

"appropriate for" or "appropriate to"?

  • It seems appropriate for the web.
  • It's appropriate to the situation.
  • Rather appropriate in this case.
  • That wouldn't be appropriate at our age.

"approved for", "approved by" or "approved of"?

  • E ' approved for use in adults.
  • The ever-supportive Curt approved of my plan.
  • The curriculum is approved by the experts of the WHO.
  • Also debates had been pre- approved on what questions could be asked.

"apt for" or "apt in"?

  • He was apt for the role of Achilles.
  • None of them are apt in the least.
  • Well, I am apt to side with Ross on this one.
  • A hint is apt at this juncture.

armed with, to, by, for or into?

  • Then vote armed with the facts.
  • This switches LNAV and VNAV from armed to active.
  • I think I have been strong armed by the IRS LOL.
  • Sometimes, yes, she would go armed for the same reasons.

ascending to, from, into, through or in?

  • Rawlings before ascending to heaven.
  • And then? Smoke, incense ascending from the altar of the world.
  • The capsule is ascending into the stratosphere.
  • At exactly 12:00am on Day 6, Chansant began ascending through the heavy cloud towards Stella Point on the Crater rim.

ashamed of, for, about, at or before?

  • I am really ashamed of the Gov.
  • Ji Gelas feel ashamed for them.
  • And do nt feel ashamed about it.
  • I am ashamed at this behaviour.

"asleep in", "asleep on" or "asleep at"?

  • I had fallen asleep in the end.
  • People fell asleep at the wheel.
  • I just fell asleep on the couch.
  • I fell asleep with the light on.

"assertive in", "assertive about" or "assertive with"?

  • We can be assertive in positive ways.
  • Be firm and assertive with him.
  • But there was nothing assertive about his manner.
  • Just be very assertive on the appeal.

assistant to, in, at, for or during?

  • Assistant to Governor of freemen 1622.
  • Arniel wasn't bad when he was assistant in Buffalo.
  • Alexander Stewart was Assistant at this time in the parish.
  • Paul is currently Assistant for Spirituality to the British Jesuit Provincial.

associated with or to?

  • Inside get associated with Mister.
  • All arguments that associated to the alignment.

assured of, in, with, on or about?

  • They are always assured of a home.
  • Now I'd very assured in myself as a person.
  • I will not attack until we are ready and you can rest assured on that point.
  • One can rest assured about looking good with the Ash shoes.

astonished at, by, with, about or as?

  • He was astonished at this dream.
  • We are all astonished by nature.
  • And they were astonished with great astonishment.
  • Am soo astonished about this article.

"astounded by" or "astounded at"?

  • I was astounded about the lack of apparent interest in non-biological treatment.
  • I am astounded as to why the trip was given the go-ahead.
  • I am astounded at what people eat.
  • I am astounded by this article.

attentive to, in, without, at or towards?

  • Always be attentive to your readers.
  • I was more attentive in these lessons.
  • The staff were attentive without being pushy.
  • They were very attentive at check-in.

attractive to, for, in, as or about?

  • This may make it attractive to the toddler.
  • Stay attractive for your husbands.
  • It's pretty attractive in person.
  • And it's very attractive as an escape.

attributable to or in?

  • Net income attributable to the parent was 48.
  • Self-expression is a lifestyle, attributable in large part to her nature.

"australian in" or "australian of"?

  • I'd sorry okay! It's the Australian in me.
  • Australian of the year? My foot.
  • I am a middle aged Australian with a satisfying job.
  • WOW! I just watched Paul Kelly from The Australian on Sky.

"authentic in" or "authentic to"?

  • Be authentic in your marketing.
  • This doesn't feel authentic to me.
  • You need to be authentic with your approach.
  • By the Authentic For Men Minnesota Wild Jerseys desire to destroy.

available to, for, in, on or at?

  • It is available to all if they ask.
  • Available for replies and info.
  • Sadly only available in the UK.
  • Available On Demand before DVD.

"average in" or "average for"?

  • That's average in the industry.
  • Willo is strictly average for me.
  • Talk time is average at 7 hours.
  • The breakfast is average with limited spread.

averse to, in or from?

  • Even Singapore is averse to this.
  • They are so risk averse in modern times.
  • I'd never heard of them before, but I wouldn't be averse from ordering from them again.

"awake at" or "awake for"?

  • It had kept him awake at night.
  • Almost worth staying awake for.
  • It's time to be awake in dunya.
  • The Premadasa Stadium was awake to it.

aware of or about?

  • I'd well aware of the power of $0.
  • So we all should be aware about it.

"awash with" or "awash in"?

  • The Internet is awash with sex.
  • America is awash in spirituality.
  • And, that's why the colors burnt orange and white are awash on screen.

away with, in or of?

  • She's cute so she can get away with it.
  • The sand was cleared away in the 1880s.
  • We have to find a away of knocking that down,? she stated.

"awesome in" or "awesome for"?

  • It is awesome in its own right.
  • TV used to be awesome for kids.
  • I'd f****** awesome at being me.
  • I always felt so awesome with it.

"awful for", "awful at" or "awful in"?

  • He was awful for half the year.
  • Its awful in a lot of ways, imo.
  • Hoddle - awful at man management.
  • There was something awful about it.

"awkward for" or "awkward in"?

  • It's awkward for everybody involved.
  • The balloons are awkward in parts.
  • People feel quite awkward about it.
  • It would seem awkward at the start.